How to use M870 gel blaster


Gel blasters are great fun, but different weapons operate in slightly different manners. For instance, if your favorite weapon is the M870 gel blaster, you will need a few different skills than if you are firing a machine gun or drawing a pistol.

For the best possible combat experience, when you haul out the M870, you will need to ensure your ammo has been properly prepared and the gun, itself, is loaded. Other matters, such as shooting, also differ. Since shooting is vital to any combat game, you will want to practice a little to learn the feel of the gun and to ensure your aim is dead center.

1. Prepare the ammunition

Compared to paintball guns, gel blasters offer equally intense action without the mess. The reason there is no mess is because the blasters use water-based ammunition that swells when soaked in water. Once the ammunition is ready to go, it bursts upon impact. Other than getting wet, players experience no mess from dyes.

Preparing the ammunition simply involves filling the ammo bottle with water. Once you add water, you can let the gel balls absorb the water. How long the gel balls need to remain in water depends on the final diameter. Since the M870 uses 7mm to 8mm ammo, you will need to let the gel balls soak for four hours.

2. Loading rounds

Unlike some gel blasters, the M870 uses shells that are similar in size and weight to actual shotgun shells.

However, unlike real shells, which are pre-loaded with buckshot, the shells for the M870 must be loaded with individual gel balls. To do this, you need to push them into the shell via the loading hole, which is located at the tip of the shell. Although you can load one single gel ball, you can also load multiple gel balls, which will provide the shotgun the ability to mimic a real shotgun’s firing capability.

3. Loading the gun

With the gel balls inserted into the shells, you can then insert the shells into the shotgun. To do this, you simply slide them into the magazine. The gun will hold multiple rounds, and these spent rounds are ejected when you pump the gun’s forearm.

4. Firing

To fire this weapon, all you need to do is release the safety, which is located on the trigger guard. The safety is positioned just behind the trigger, so it is within easy reach of your thumb.

With the safety released, and a single gel ball loaded into the shell, you simply chamber the shell by pumping the forearm. With the shell chambered, you simply have to aim the weapon at the target.

Of course, because this is a shotgun, you will want to fire multiple gel balls. To do this, all you need to do is tilt the gun forward a little with the muzzle aiming downward. Doing so will allow multiple gel balls to feed properly for shooting.

5. Shell ejection

Just like a real shotgun, every time you pump the forearm, a shell will be ejected out the side loading port. The shells have a brass end and a loading hole at the tip. Because the brass end weighs more than the front end, the shell will spin in the same manner a real shell spins when ejected.

During combat, once a shell is ejected, you will want to quickly retrieve the shell for future use. Additionally, when you retrieve the shell, you will want to ensure it remains clean. If it picks up any dirt, you can rinse it with water.

6. Aiming

Whether you aim this shotgun from the hip or press the butt against your shoulder, you will be required to use two hands. You will use one hand to hold the grip, keeping your index finger on the trigger. The other hand is used for aiming and chambering rounds.

To aim, you simply line up the bead at the end of the barrel with the target. As with a shotgun, it is best to not focus your sight on the bead. Instead, you should focus on the target. By focusing on the target, the bead will be slightly blurry but still visible, allowing you to shoot, pump, and shoot again.

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