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The summer is coming, which means time with friends, family, trips to the beach or pool. But what happens when you get home and realize there are leaves in your pool? It’s not a problem with Intex pool vacuum! Here we’ll show you how to use intex pool vacuum, so that next time you return from spending the day at the pool, all of your worries will be gone.

What is Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaner? How does it work?

Intex pool vacuum cleaner is a device that helps you to keep your pool clean. This article will explain how the Intex pool vacuum cleaner works and the steps for using it properly.

The bubble tube of this type of cleaner suctions water from the bottom or sides of pools into its pump, where there’s an impeller with rotating blades that trap dirt particles before they reach the filter area. The pressure created by these spinning plates forces dirty water out through a hose connected to an outlet at one end of the unit while removing debris from the top side in a reverse flow cycle. A foam-covered weir plate prevents large objects like leaves and tree limbs from falling into the pump. The main components of this vacuum cleaner are the filter bag, suction nozzle, and motor cover.

Why do you need a pool vacuum cleaner?

Do your kids love to swim in the pool? And do you worry about them getting hair or debris in their eyes? If so, then you need a pool vacuum cleaner. Pool vacuum cleaners are designed to remove any loose dirt or hair from the water before they go near your children’s faces. Here will discuss six reasons why you should invest in a pool vacuum cleaner today!

Number one reason: Pool vacuum cleaners are designed to remove any loose dirt or hair from the water before they go near your children’s faces.

Number two reason: You can use it in conjunction with a pool cleaner, which removes all of the large debris that cannot fit through an ordinary vacuum hose. It includes leaves and sticks that get caught by drains or on steps.

Number three reason: It saves you time! You don’t have to do as much vacuuming since most of the work you will have to do for you while you were busy swimming with your kids – forget about those icky things floating around at the bottom of pools!

Number four reasons: Once you vacuum a pool with your machine, it’s straightforward to get the hair off of seats and furniture in your yard or home.

Number five reasons: you’ll be able to enjoy swimming more knowing that there are no annoying bugs or insects! You can also use this time as an opportunity for some bonding time with your kids instead of watching them play from outside the water – not only will they appreciate it, but so will any other family members who may want to join in on the fun!

How to Use an Intex Pool Vacuum: A 10-step Tutorial

An Intex pool vacuum is a handy little device that will take the hassle out of cleaning your swimming pool. This 10-step tutorial will provide all the information you need to get started.

Step 1

In the first step, you need to assemble your Intex pool vacuum. It includes a hose and skimmer with a built-in filter inlet valve, a telescoping pole for longer reach. A leaf basket that attaches to the top of the pole (for catching leaves), an adjustable net bag on the end of the pole to collect large debris such as sticks, leaves, and twigs.

Step 2

In the second step, you will need to connect the hose end of the vacuum cleaner to a properly working in-ground pool filter/pump or an above-ground pump with automatic shutoff valves (the outlet side should be towards your pool). The other end is connected to the skimmer with a built-in filter inlet valve. Turn on the pool vacuum cleaner, and it will start to suck debris into the pump, which then filters water through a strainer at a rate of up to 750 gallons per hour. The dirt in your leaf bag or net, depending on what kind you are using.

Step 3

In the third step, you will need to cover the vacuum cleaner’s hose with a diffuser (attached at one end) and then stick it securely to your pool. The other end of the Diffuser will connect to your suction.

Step 4

In the fourth step, you will be attaching your leaf bag or net (depending on what kind you are using and placing it under the vacuum cleaner’s hose. The other end of the bag on to your pool’s skimmer

Step 5

In step five, you will position yourself at one side, turn on the Pool Vacuum Cleaner, and ensure that everything is in place (leaves or debris). Be prepared; it will take a few minutes for the vacuum cleaner to start.

Step 6

In step six, you will need to turn on your pool’s filter pump. The vacuum cleaner has a built-in water intake. It is designed not only as an automated Pool Vacuum Cleaner but also as an automatic leaf collector, which means that all leaves or debris will be sucked up into the vacuum cleaner’s bag.

Step 7

In step seven, you have to make sure that your filter pump is in working order. It means checking for leaks and making sure everything else is alright because if it isn’t, some leaves may escape from the pool’s edge or drain during the vacuuming process.

Step 8

After you have ensured that the pump is working in step eight, it’s time to add some water into the pool. The vacuum cleaner senses when there is a sufficient amount and will not work until this happens

Step 9

In step nine, use your hose with its full power. Direct all of the water towards one side of the pool; otherwise, you’ll never be able to vacuum the whole pool.

Step 10

In step ten, turn on your cleaner and start vacuuming. Please wait until you have collected as much water in the bag as possible before turning it off or emptying it.


Well, now you know how to use an Intex pool vacuum. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of the product and what it can do for your Intex swimming pools. It’s been our pleasure to share these tips with you today! If there is anything else we can help answer or have any questions about bringing in one of these vacuums, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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