How to use a Portable Band Saw


A band saw can be used for various purposes such as Cutting Structural Steels,Billet Shaping,Creating A Tenon Joint,Creating Truss Circles, etc. The ratio of using a band saw is increasing day by day. Carpenters, woodworkers, or other professionals use these saws when they have cutting jobs.  A portable band saw doesn’t need any electricity for cutting purposes.So, this type of portable band saw is ideal for those places where you don’t have electricity access.

However, you might think that using a band saw is hard. But this thinking is not right. Operating a band saw is quite easy you just need to follow some steps.

If you are still confused about How to use a portable Band saw this article will help you to teach all methods step by step.

Step To operate a portable Band saw

To operate a portable band saw you need to follow some steps. These steps are-

Step 1: Get a good quality Band saw

First thing is to get an Industrial Grade band saw. Before buying it check the capacity and power source as these two things are the major factor of a portable band saw. When you cut a pipe or other stocks it is necessary to fit in the throat of the machine. A large capacity portable bandsaw can cut up to about 6 inches easily.

Ensure the power source before starting the work. When you are working in the field or such places where electricity is not available. You have to use a battery-powered saw. However, battery saws are expensive than the cord ones. Besides, branded saws are expensive but provide high performance. In this case, portable band saws are very much useful as they don’t need a power supply.

Step 2: Read the instruction manual

As you get a portable band saw the next step is to read the instruction manual carefully. This reading will help you to become familiar with the characteristics of your saws. You will be also aware of the safety recommendations from the manufacturer.

Bandsaws are capable to cut off almost any common metal such as iron and steel. So, it can cut fingers with no discretion. Keep both hands on the provided handles located on the back of the saw for preventing any sort of accidents.

Can’t figure out which bandsaw will be right fit for this? Check out the iwoodcutters for some cool bandsaw.

Step 3: Prepare the Saw and check the blades

Check your blades Before start cutting.Blades are the essential features of a band saw.So, check the blade, whether it is sharp or not. If the blade is sharp enough then start operating the device. But if you feel that you need to change it,replace it with the help of a tension release handle.

Now your saw is ready to use.First, place the saw blade firmly against the metal you want to be cut.  Ensure that the shoe of the band saw is in contact with the stock. keep the band saw in place and make sure that it shouldn’t move from its place.Try to avoid giving too much pressure. If you do so the band saw shouldn’t respond well.

Step 4: Mark the cutting area

You have checked your blades and your portable saw is ready to use. The next step is to mark the cutting area.Mark the materials as per your needs. If you are cutting an object like a pipe, you should mark around the diameter properly. It willprovide you a smooth and ultimate cut.

You need to ensure that the materials are placed safely. You can use a viceor you ask for holding the object.If you don’t do so the pipe or bar objects may begin spinning while blade gains traction. This can cause mistakes or result in the wrong cut. So, place your cutting object properly while taking the measurement.

Step 5: Startthe Cutting

You have performed the previous four steps now you are ready to execute your cut. Place the blade against the stock and place it to the line that you have marked before. Now squeeze the trigger and provide pressure for the blade to start cutting. Never apply excessive pressure as the blades won’t work properly.Keepeye on the saw blade to ensure that it is aligned with your cut mark.

Slow down the band saw when you have cut out one-third of the object. It will also help you to anticipate the blade binding if the material startsto flex. When you reached the end of the cut, hold on the saw tightly.Then release the trigger and allow the blade to move before setting the saw down. Also, ensure that the debris falls to a safe place.

Wait a little bit before starting the next cut. Remember that the saw shouldn’t be set down while it is running.It can pull dirt in it and can result in malfunction. However, you need to be extra careful while operating the saw. Otherwise, you may lead yourself to serious injury like a finger or hand-cut.

Safety methods while using a portable band saw

When you are using a band saw you need to be more careful. A little bit of carelessness can cause you serious injuries. So. Follow the safety methods given below-

  • Must wear safety glasses, protective footwear, and a face shield. If you are a beginner these things are compulsory for you
  • Ensurethat allband wheels are enclosed and all guards adjusted properly in place
  • Make sure the wheelsblade is in right positionedand the blade are in good condition.
  • Keep the floor clean around the band saw and keep it free from clutter.
  • Keep your hands away from the cut line.
  • Never give too force on the saw
  • Always use a push stick for removing the cut pieces between the fence and the sawblade.Never remove cut pieces with your hand it can cause serious cuts.

Final Thought

I hope now you have learned how to operate a portable band sawby reading this article. By following these steps you can accomplish any cutting task with a band saw. However, the wrong band saw can make your work difficult. So, use a portable band saw for cutting objects.

Operation a portable band saw is easy just follow the above steps and that’s it. You should maintain the safety methods too. If you still face difficulty then you can take help from an expert too.

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