How to Upcycle Your Front Door


Creating a front door that pops as soon as you lay your eyes on it gives our home the ultimate wow factor. There’s nothing like setting the tone from the moment you enter your house like creating a simply beautiful front entrance. Your front door is the opportunity to add the colour you absolutely adore to your home allowing you to add character and personality. You’re reading this because you found yourself on Google looking at exactly how to do this and we have just the answer for you. Replacing your front door entirely can be confusing and expensive, and why would we do this if our front door works perfectly and there is a simple upcycle solution to our design dreams.


The obvious starting point is paint, this is because paint is so transformative, and there are lots of different brands out there perfect for your front door. Start by stripping and sanding off your old paint including any lumps and bumps followed by using a primer to create the perfect base for your paint. You’ll find if you prep well enough your front door will last for years and years without a mark. If your front door is UPVC or composite, you will have to find a paint that works with this material.


You can get so creative with lighting nowadays, our personal favourite is an up and down light, perfect for the modern-day home, illuminating up and down, creating a beautiful front entrance way. The up and down light is clean, and usually on a motion sensor which is beneficial from a security perspective. Depending on the design of your home and the aesthetic you are looking to achieve, there is something for everybody from a traditional Victorian style light, to something as modern is the up and down light. There are even quirky and creative options on offer if you really want to push the boat out and elevate your entire look.


Door hardware is the perfect finishing touch for upcycling your front door.  From antique brass,  matte black,  smoked bronze,  and polished chrome,  the opportunity and type of material on offer when it comes to door hardware is endless, and much like your lighting, there is something for absolutely everybody here. To add the ultimate finishing touch,  you can even match your letterbox, door knob, door numbers, and doorbell. Take a looks at some options here:


The opportunity to upcycle your front door doesn’t end here, depending on the type of look you are wanting to achieve, you can even change the glass in your door. This change may be one of the more expensive touches so we only recommend doing this if you don’t plan on replacing your entire front door anytime soon.

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