How to Turn Your Spare Room Into an Entertainment Center


If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room but aren’t quite sure what to do with it then why not turn it into a dedicated entertainment space? You could create a cinema for everyone to enjoy movies together, a sports lounge for everyone to kick back and watch the game, or a club house with games for everybody to enjoy. All you need to decide is what works best for your household, we’ve covered the rest and better still, we’ve even worked out how you can complete the transformation on a budget.

Setting Up For Sports

If you’ve got sports enthusiasts in your home then a big television can feel like a must have item, but they can be prohibitively expensive. If you’re looking for something genuinely enormous that won’t break the bank, then a projector screen could be a better option. A projector can cost you as little as a hundred dollars if you buy second hand and around $200 if you buy a low-end new one. A television of the same size would cost you ten times that and they cost a lot more to run too! If you want to really maximise on space then you can buy a projector screen that you can roll away when not in use. The big benefit of this set up is that when you’re not using the projector then you’ve got a big empty wall, the kind of space that would be perfect to hang a darts board on. The only thing remaining that you’ll need to add to make this a sporting heaven is somewhere to place a bet. A dedicated computer with a selection of saved sites is the perfect tool to make sure you get the real bookmaker effect. At they’ve pulled together a list of sites with generous welcome bonuses, so if you sign up to a few then there’ll be free bets all round for quite a while. They’re each given a star rating too, based on how user friendly they are, the variety of sports on offer and how competitive their odds are, so you can make a truly informed choice on who you want to welcome into your games room.

Getting Ready for Games

 A snooker table looks luxury but they can often be picked up cheaply

A games room really feels like the ultimate luxury, so for this makeover you’re going to want to make it feel fancy. Look at jewel coloured paint for the walls to give an air of luxury without having to break the budget, then see if you can find yourself a centrepiece second hand. Pool and snooker tables, card playing tables and even pinball machines come up really often on giveaway sites as they’re large pieces of furniture that many people just don’t have room for. However, as you’ve got your spare room now, you do! Snap up one of these if you can and the focal point of your room is already complete. You can go here to buy the most affordable pool table accessories with afterpay payment option.

We always love a budget-friendly makeover at Did You Know Homes and this is one of the best tips out there. Once your walls and your centerpiece are complete the rest is up to your personal taste, both in style and in games. An old bookshelf makes a great storage option for households who love boardgames, whilst a wine rack makes a great holder for skittles for those who love bowling. You’ll need a bit more space for the bowling option, but it certainly makes a statement!

Making Way for Movies

A trip to the movies always feels special, so why not recreate the magic in your own home? Whilst a home cinema might seem like an enormous expense, with the brilliant projector tip from the sports room makeover, you already know that this kind of thing can be done surprisingly cheaply, just don’t forget the Netflix subscription! Just as before, get your hands on a projector, but this time, you’re going to make a dedicated space for the projection. Set up your projector somewhere fixed, then create a white square on your wall exactly the right size for the screen (you can simply switch on the projector to mark out your guidelines for this bit). Once your white square is marked, paint around it in a dark colour and hang curtains each side if you want to. Heavy velvet gives an old school theatre vibe and works brilliantly with squidy comfortable armchairs. A popcorn machine, or a selection of pick and mix make fun additions that are sure to be popular with your guests.


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