How to Transform a Stuffy Room Into a Comfortable Setting


Being in your own home is like having a piece of heaven on earth. What matters most isn’t exactly the size of your home, but what you make of it. Even with the simplest of all designs and smallest of all spaces, you can always turn a stuffy room into a very comfortable one.

Now that the whole world is at a standstill and staying inside your homes is the safest place to be in, it’s no surprise that you may be sitting in your living room, feeling like as if something’s just not right. There’s just so much you can do now to make it cozier to live in.

If you’re looking for more ways to make this change in your home, this article provides you with some of the best tips.

1. Eliminate Clutter

Before you even go about with redesigning your home or making any changes, it’s best to start with a clean slate: eliminate clutter. No house will ever be comfortable if it’s full of clutter.

Imagine that feeling of walking into a hotel. Doesn’t it feel like as if the bed’s just calling you over to sleep? It’s so cozy that you feel at home right away, even if it isn’t your home. That’s because you don’t see any clutter.

Take it step-by-step and walk through each area or room of your house. If there’s anything that you don’t really use anymore, then let it go.

2. Update Your Appliances

Part of why your home feels uncomfortable may be due to outdated or inefficient appliances. One of the best modern amenities for making your home as comfortable as possible is the air conditioner. Once you select the correct size for your space, you’ll be one step closer to cultivating the perfect living space you’ll go from stuffy to breezy in one go.

You may be reluctant to replace your appliances because of the expense. However, updating your appliances doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. You can get a reconditioned unit, which provides you with the convenience of an appliance that is new to you and works better than your current appliances. With more efficient appliances, your home will feel more comfortable in no time.

3. Think About the Walls in Your Home

Perhaps your home feels stuffy because the walls are outdated. There may be some walls where the paint is chipping. In other areas, mold and mildew may have accumulated. The paint’s color could also already be too cold, or fading.

Take time to look around all of the rooms in your house. If there’s one area for you to change, you can create a more comfortable setting through the walls.

4. Bring Nature Inside Your Home

Imagine a spa, dermatology clinic, or a classy massage parlor—walking into one will welcome you into so many elements of nature brought in an indoor space. This would include water features and plants. Bring your garden inside your home.

You don’t have to create all these changes all at once. If your budget can only permit for one small change at a time, then so be it. Start with one plant, or a fish tank. From one plant to another, your home will slowly turn into a serene place where you can relax.

5. Hang Up Pictures of What Makes You Happy

Your home is truly yours, and not anyone else’s. One way for you to create that homey feel is to add pictures of everything that makes you happy. This would include your family, pets, your hobbies, or even places you enjoy traveling to.

Barren walls are the perfect foundation for a very stuffy room as they make your room look and feel cold. You can create some warmth through the memories that make you happy.

When you walk into the room, you will instantly feel inspired, relaxed and motivated when you see photos of everything that gives you so much joy and inspiration in life.


Creating an appealing and comfortable home is something you’ll have to master. However, the work is worth it so that right after a long and hard day’s work, you’ll have a sanctuary to return to. I should be where you feel the most confident, the most your true self, and the most at ease. Especially now that we’re all mostly just staying at home, there’s also that unsurprising itch for you to naturally turn your home into a cozier space. Now that you’ve got some ideas rolling in your head, you can kickstart those changes in your home.

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