How To Transform A Room With Peel And Stick Wallpaper


The walls in any room will take up more visual space than anything else. So adding color or changing the color of your walls will give you the quickest and most notable change of anything else you can do to a room. That is why peel and stick wallpaper is a perfect choice for a quick clean and fun update to a room that won’t have to take you weeks of work or more than a couple of hundred dollars.

Why are we so in love with peel and stick wallpaper? Here are our top three reasons we love wallpaper for home makeovers, and we think you will agree.

Add Texture To A Room

Wallpaper allows you to do so much more than paint. You can easily add patterns and designs to your walls that would otherwise be impossible or just too expensive and time-consuming. Adding wallpaper with a pattern and using muted color tones will give you a great texture without being distracting or taking away from a tranquil vibe.  

Wallpaper also gives you the ability to set a scene and give your room character, such as adding palm leaves for a tropical vibe or choose an elegant floral pattern to give your room rich texture only florals can provide.  You can also find specific kids peel and stick wallpaper if you are trying to find patterns that might work in a nursery or a toddlers room.  Theme specific wallpaper is an easy way to get a jump on room design and set the tone for the rest of the room.

Adding Pops Of Colors

Adding color to a room has never been easier than with wallpaper. Yes, you can paint walls, but wallpaper gives you the unique ability to add pops of color using small accents. It also allows you to use color in nearly impossible ways when it comes to painting unless you are an artist or pay for a mural painting.  

Change As Often As You Like

If you are anything like us, you want a change or a room’s vibe every couple of years. Yes, I know that seems like a lot, but when you think about it, you most likely do the same thing, and if updates to home were as simple as peel and stick wallpaper, you too might be doing them a little more often. Peel and stick wallpaper can be put up in a couple of hours and completely change the room’s entire look. The most significant part about it is that when you are ready for a change, you can peel it off your wall, and if you have selected the correct type of peel and stick wallpaper, it will come right off without damaging your walls or even leaving any residue on your walls. So once you have removed it, you are ready to add the new wallpaper without any extra work.

So if you are ready for a DIY home project that will give you a dramatic change in your home, look no further than wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper can give you a rich texture and a pop of color in any room that will help give you the perfect finished look you have been trying to achieve.

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