How To Tile A Kitchen Backsplash To Match Your Kitchen Theme?


While people install kitchen backsplash to protect their walls from stains, there is more to it. The right backsplash can complete the look of your counter. Imagine if you have a beautiful granite countertop and complementing that is a boring wall. Something will always seem missing in your kitchen décor without a proper backsplash.

The plethora of options you get for kitchen backsplashes in Westchester County is highly impressive. And if you are confused with the abundance of choice, we have filtered out some of the best tile backsplash ideas that will match your kitchen theme.

Every Penny Adds To The Beauty

If you want to give a bit of character to your wall, then you can go for penny tiles. These are attractive and can last you for a long time. The penny-like circles look sharp and clean up close, but it appears textured when you view it from a distance. The fact that you will get a textured look on a smooth surface makes this design popular.

Whether you have a dark countertop or a light one, these backsplash tiles will add a distinctive appeal to your kitchen. A smooth surface also means that you have an easier time cleaning the tiles. Keeping your kitchen counter and backsplash clean at all times is important. For care and maintenance tips, you can see this article.

Prism-Effect It Is

If your kitchen is somewhat matte in décor, you can add a touch of sparkle with a holographic surface finish with tiles. Aqua tiles feature a shot of prism-effect that can make any decors stand out. Each piece encompasses various gradients that create variants of pastel tones—additionally, the colour of gradients changes with altering lights and the angle from which you are viewing. The darker grouting on these tiles creates a subtle but impactful contrast.

Go Sky High

Instead of just putting kitchen backsplash to the area where you may experience splashes, take the tiles all the way up. Covering the walls with tile creates more of an impact and makes your kitchen appear more lifted. For this design, you can go for a contrasting shade. For instance, if you have a dark granite countertop, you can pair it with ceramic tiles.

Keep Things Trendy With Terrazzo

Terrazzo-inspired tiles are in the trend and for the right reasons. Whether you choose it as a countertop or backsplash, they look amazing in the kitchen. Whether you have a dark solid coloured countertop, warm pastel shade countertop, or plain white countertop, using a terrazzo-inspired style will make your kitchen appear modern and trendy. The minimal grout lines in these tiles install into a seamless backsplash.

Stretch It Up With Stripes

Classic metro tiles can never go out of style, and there are so many ways to use them in your kitchen and around your house. And the good thing is that you can mix and match the colours and be creative with your décor. You can create a striped look with three different shades of tiles. Moreover, keeping the stripes horizontal will make your kitchen appear bigger and more spacious. You have the freedom to choose colour combinations of the style; you can either keep it two subtle colours and one bold, or you can sandwich two bold colours with one light shade in the middle. Whatever you choose, just make sure it blends with your kitchen décor.

Do The Half Right

Half kitchen backsplash can give an incomplete look, but it can work if you do it right. This design will work great on a darker-themed kitchen. You can use glossy tiles and lay them in a herringbone pattern. Go for tiles with darker grouts, as it will anchor the scheme you are trying to create. In this décor idea, make sure that the colour of the walls and cabinets are the same.

Create A Big Impact

Adding big tiles to your kitchen is time-saving as well as cost-effective. Generally, you see big tiles in the bathroom, but adding them as your kitchen backsplash is also a great idea. If you have dark cabinets and warm countertops, then you can go for big tiles in neutral shades to bind the whole thing together. Darker shaded tiles will look good if you have warm, neutral décor.

Kaleidoscopic Impact

Triangle-print metro tiles are perfect to create a contemporary kitchen. The pastel shades of the tiles will bring warmth to the white decors. Additionally, the distinctive tessellated design creates a twist in classic geometric tile designs. If all the other elements in your kitchen are plain, you can add a touch of character to your kitchen with this kaleidoscopic impact.

Hexagon Tiles To Complement The Marbles

The addition of large hexagon tiles creates a striking and glamorous look when complemented with dark tones. The French Art Nouveau inspires this design from late 1800. The hexagon tiles will look great with the subtly marble countertop and complement the drama added by the darker cabinets.

Mini Mosaic Look

You may feel that installing mini tiles across the kitchen is a lot of work. But mini mosaic tiles are simple to install as they come pre-backed on a mesh. Therefore, mounting and grouting become easier and quicker. If you want to keep your kitchen theme neutral, mini mosaics can help you achieve the perfect design. These are warm and elegant and add a subtle texture that makes them stand apart.

Create A 3D Space

Create something that goes beyond the conventional norms with these optical illusion tiles. The concentric squares that move inwards from white grey give the tiles a 3D illusion effect. The dimensional geometric feature will add depth to your space and make it appear elegant and luxurious. The backsplash design idea will look excellent, especially if you have a darker-themed kitchen, as the theme will accentuate the illusion.

The Bottom Line

Above are some of the best kitchen backsplash designs that we have come across. While the main job of backsplashes is to prevent the wall, there is no reason why they cannot be a statement piece in your kitchen décor as well.


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