How to Style a Stunning Christmas Tree


One of the best things about Christmas is getting your home ready for it. Knowing how to decorate a Christmas tree could leave you in a tangle, and we do not just mean the lights. How to start, and in what order to do things. Right from the positioning of the lights to whether to choose faux or fresh are only some questions you need to think of when styling the tree.

The secret behind a well-styled Christmas tree is not the decorations, ornaments, or ribbons. But it is how you scatter, hang and place these pieces on the tree. Hence, whether you have a real tree or a faux tree this Christmas, you can style it in various ways. We have a step-by-step guide to help style your Christmas tree in no time.

Fluff the branches

Once you bring home the Christmas tree, you will need to set it in a secure stand. So, if you use a wicker tree skirt, you should add it at this stage. Fluffing the branches is crucial, even if you have an artificial tree, and it can make the tree look full and natural. Be gentle with real trees so that the needles do not drop.

Start with the lights

Now is the time to put lights on the tree. You need to start by considering which lights. Whenever you choose the lights for your tree, it is crucial to ensure that the color of the lights never clash with the baubles and decorations. Start with the colored lights to provide the main color to the tree and then use decorations to give contrasting bursts of color. Those with a larger tree can consider using the globe-shaped bulbs instead of the small LED strings since they create a unique sense of style and can be cost-efficient. Once you get the lights, place them on. Switch them on first and drape them across the branches, working from one side to another and ensuring that they are appropriately distributed.

Use a tree topper

Many people leave the tree topper for the end, but once the tree is thoroughly done, it could become difficult to fix the topper. This is why you should use it right after you put on the lights. The tree might not look complete without the tree topper high on top. If you like traditional options, you can use a bow. Alternatively, you can also create your own tree topper using a wire-edged ribbon.

Add decorations

Irrespective of the type of tree you choose or the tree trends you opt for this year, it is ideal to start with the heaviest decorations from the inside of the tree first. This will ensure that the weight is supported by the branches. Once that is done, you can fill the middle with shiny ornaments or inexpensive glitter. ‘A designer Christmas tree needs a good color palette combined with high-quality ornaments,’ says Cadeaux Christmas Interior Decorating, a decorating company based in Dallas.

Fill all the gaps in the tree and make it look more interesting and three-dimensional. You can then start hanging the baubles. Begin with the large ones at the base and the medium baubles in the middle and the top. Stick to three or four colors and use different decorations to give depth to the tree. Do not make the mistake of hanging the ornaments haphazardly since it can ruin the look of your tree. Have a plan of what you want the tree to look like, and spread out the decorations properly.

Choose the special ornaments

You can now bring an element of surprise and showcase your favorite ornaments. It could be an heirloom or even a trinket from your recent holiday. Since it is special, make sure it gets the best place on the tree.

Add finishing touches

You can fill the gaps in the tree using smaller decorations like bells or mini baubles. Alternatively, you can complete the look with glass icicles on the branch tips.

Pick the tree skirt

Choose a decorative cover or a tree skirt to help hide the trunk. Consider a willow tree skirt but place it on before the lights.

Get the presents ready

Your stylish Christmas tree is now ready, and the dream of decorating the perfect tree with your family has become a reality. Get the presents out and enjoy the special day.

If you plan well, it can become much easier to decorate a Christmas tree. Remember, less is more, and there is nothing as classic as adding your favorite heirloom pieces to the tree. Start early so that you can sit back and relax with your family before Christmas.




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