How to strengthen the body’s immunity?


It’s worth starting to strengthen your body – weakened by winter – today. Don’t wait for the annual spring solstice to hit you with chronic fatigue and recurrent infections. Introduce some helpful habits that will change your mood.

How to increase the body’s immunity?

  • Raise vitamin D3 levels with a daily dose of trance or oily fish
  • don’t avoid silage
  • use multivitamin supplements
  • play sports (preferably) outdoor
  • maintain valuable friendships
  • take care of your diet by increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in it
  • have uninterrupted, deep sleep, 7-8 hours at least
  • harden the body
  • let yourself relax
  • meditate

As you can see above, there are plenty of ways to make your body immune. It’s up to you what you decide. A holistic approach to health will always remain the fastest and most effective solution. Don’t just focus on one method. Combine several ways and the effects will surprise you positively.

Sign up for a gym, dance classes or join one of the Facebook groups that associate, for example, people practicing jogging. Accompanied by others, you’ll find it easier to persevere in the new resolution. Don’t make any drastic changes to your diet.

You’re probably just going to get discouraged. Start with one glass of freshly squeezed juice a day (e.g. grapefruit, which supports fat burning and strengthens immunity), a healthy addition to dinner in the form of pickled cucumbers or spicy kimchi (this is a Korean silage that you’ll love!). Don’t let people convince you that long sleep is a waste of time. You need it to be able to calmly face all the challenges that life puts in front of you. Stress, salt and excess sugar are silent

killers that notoriously rob you of the energy and joy of life. Meet your friends, go for walks together, enjoy the moment. Smiling is the best medicine! It’s been proven to improve immunity!

Immunity products that are worth reaching for throughout the year

Fish oil – is a secret of Scandinavian health known for centuries. Strengthens vision, teeth and prevents osteoporosis. It regenerates and strengthens the body. Just a tablespoon of fish oil a day (fish oil is also available in easy to swallow capsules) is enough to feel its positive effect on health and well-being.

MULTIVITAMIN PREPARATIONS – it’s worth taking care of the body’s immunity by taking well-balanced supplements, not only when you’re exhausted or in periods of increased incidence of infections. When choosing a product, take into account primarily its composition. It should contain high doses of vitamins and minerals necessary for health. An example of such a product is IMMUNITY available in YourSecretIs ( You’ll find in it exactly what you need for a tired body and mind. In addition to total basics such as B vitamins, C and D vitamins, it also contains these slightly less frequently used ingredients, such as chromium (deficiency causes increased appetite for sweets), iodine (necessary for healthy thyroid function) or molybdenum.

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