How to Start a Lawn Care or Landscaping Business


With the average American home spending over $500 a month on lawn care alone, there has never been a better time to start a lawn care business. The average lawn care business owner makes between $60,000 and $100,000 a year. Therefore, you could be making a profit within just weeks of starting your own company with proper planning and execution. However, as much as landscaping Acworth, GA is lucrative, there are many things to consider before opening up for business. This article will show you how to start a successful lawn care business that will generate income and fulfill your customers’ needs.

Choose a good business name

Choosing a good business name is essential to the success of your new company, so it requires careful planning. Your goal should be something that indicates you will provide quality lawn care services while leaving room for growth in case you decide to expand or branch out into other businesses later on down the line. Great example of naming is My Paper Done.

Create a business plan

Creating an outline of your company’s mission statement, goals, resources needed for success, competition analysis, and marketing plan is important because it will force you to consider all the variables before jumping in feet first—when your business idea may be nothing more than a pipe dream. After deciding on what type of lawn care services you want to offer and how much money you are willing to risk losing during startup costs and the first few years of business, you can begin to create a marketing plan.

Determine your business location and structure

While it is possible to operate your lawn care business from home, there are some advantages to opening a separate location. One advantage of working out of commercial property as opposed to your own residence is that you can deduct the cost associated with running such an establishment from your taxes. This means when setting up and purchasing supplies, equipment, or establishing landscaping beds; all these expenses will be tax deductible which allows more money in return at year’s end after paying those IRS bills.

As for the structure of your lawn care business, LLC is best for small businesses that are just starting out. Operating under an umbrella such as a corporation or limited liability company gives you more legal protection and helps reduce personal responsibility should anything go wrong with customers or other employees while conducting business.

Decide on your pricing strategy & services offered

To maximize your profit, it is essential to price yourself competitively. It’s important to remember that customers do not pay for lawn care services; they are willing to pay a fair amount of money because the service will save them time and make their property more attractive while also increasing its resale value in case they decide at some point within future years or decades to sell the home using “sold as-is condition with seller making no repairs.”

Another way to save money while offering quality services is by using new and innovative marketing strategies, such as creating a website that allows your customers to schedule appointments online or allowing them to pay for their service via PayPal so they can be invoiced directly.

Market your business wisely

Marketing could be the most challenging part of starting a lawn care business. There are several things you must consider when marketing your new company, including finding ways to reach potential customers, then keep them coming back for more and referring other friends that may also need quality services such as mowing their grass or weed eating around fence lines while they go on vacation out of town. This is why it’s essential to find online sources where homeowners typically post ads looking for lawn cutting services. These could include Craigslist, Backpage, and other free classified websites, as well as word of mouth from one homeowner to another in your neighborhood or area you plan on servicing.

As a final consideration before opening up shop, make sure that the lawn care equipment you are going to use is reliable & trustworthy; otherwise, it will cost more time repairing than actually doing work resulting in missed appointments which turn into lost revenue by either becoming late payment fees or having customers looking into other companies to provide services. Now that you have a good idea of how to start your own lawn care business, it is time to take action and make things happen!

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