How to Spot a Genuine Chesterfield Sofa


The Chesterfield sofa has always been popular. But recently the demand for this iconic piece of furniture has risen dramatically. An increasing number of people are searching for the perfect Chesterfield to complete their room decor. Chesterfields offer timeless elegance and high-quality materials for a long-lasting couch.

As a result of this, there are many different types of Chesterfield sofa on the market, whether online or in high street stores. Care must be taken however as not all Chesterfields are the real deal. There is an increasing number of fake Chesterfields on sale and if you’re not careful, you could make an expensive mistake by choosing a replica Chesterfield. Pay attention to the detail and check your Chesterfield carefully to ensure you are buying an authentic piece. Here’s how to spot a genuine Chesterfield sofa.

Look at Arm and Back Height

The Chesterfield has distinctive arms and a recognisable back. The shape of the sofa is a design classic. Pay attention to the curves of the couch and how the arms and the back look together. The height of the arms should be the same as the height of the back. This is one of the ways the sofa maintains its timeless style. A chair where the arms are lower than the back is not technically a Chesterfield piece.

Look at the Quality of the Leather

A genuine leather Chesterfield will be made from high quality, genuine leather. You can tell the authenticity of leather by looking at the pattern of the material as well as by feeling it. Real leather feels soft and very supple. It doesn’t feel too smooth and shiny. You will be able to smell the distinctive scent that alerts you to real leather. Not all Chesterfields are leather but the most traditional type of Chesterfield is crafted from this classic material.

Look at the Buttoning

The arms and the back of the Chesterfield sofa are rolled and tufted with a generous display of buttons. This is probably the most distinctive feature of a genuine Chesterfield. If it doesn’t have this uniform, neat buttoning it is not the real thing. Some manufacturers try to pass off a copy of a Chesterfield with the same shape of back and arms without the distinctive buttoning feature. But this is not ideal when you want a genuine Chesterfield.

Look for a Guarantee of Authenticity

Buy your Chesterfield from a reputable manufacturer or seller. You need to be sure you are getting the genuine item, particularly if you are spending a considerable amount of money. A professional and established retailer will have many happy customers. You’ll be able to see from their reviews how they appreciate the standards of the sofas on sale. And you can also check to see the manufacturer’s guarantees of quality.

If you are not sure whether your dream sofa is a real Chesterfield, you have two options. Look elsewhere or do some investigating to find out if it is genuine or fake. By choosing to buy from a trusted dealer you have much more chance of ending up with the right sofa for your home.

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