How to Shop for a Men’s Electric Bike


More than ever before, people are ditching their cars and looking for alternative ways to travel. In particular, electric bikes are so popular that everyone wants in on a slice of the action. The motor provides assistance no matter what your experience with cycling is and you can save money on petrol and even help the environment. What could be better than that?

But, if you do not have a lot of knowledge about electric bikes, you might find it hard to select one. Well, first of all, if you are a man, you are going to benefit from a men’s electric bike. This is going to be the right height and size. Here are some more tips on how to shop for the right Wisper Electric Bikes.

Know the Occasion

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is; when are you going to ride an electric bike? For some people, they are looking for a model that is easy to ride to and from work every morning. Others are more adventurous and want to go off the beaten track and explore different terrain. Know that there is an electric bike out there for everyone. But, you have to consider what one you want to have.

Therefore, once you know the occasion and what type of cycling you want to enjoy, you can start looking at the type of electric bikes available. We are talking about everything from step-through frames to mountain e-bikes. Check out to see the types of bikes that are available. Again, there is something for everyone and that will suit your needs.

Decide on Your Price

There is often a misconception that all electric bikes are expensive. But, this is not necessarily true. While some are going to be more expensive than ordinary bikes, their price tags are not going to be as much as you think. Plus, since there is such a great selection of models and types now, there is always going to be an option for all budgets.

When you are shopping, decide on the maximum price you want to pay. This can help to narrow down your choice. Note that some mountain road e-bikes will have a higher price tag. But, they may have some features that you would not use. So, always do some investigation once you have decided on your maximum price.

Find Out the Range

Each e-bike is going to have a variety of features. You need to assess them carefully to make sure that you get what you want. For example, one thing you need to pay attention to is the range of the bike. In other words, the distance it is going to be able to travel before the battery runs out. Indeed, if you plan on cycling long distances, you are going to want a model that has a long range. This way, you do not have to stop and charge the battery all the time.

Note that the range of a bike can vary dramatically. Generally, you will find that more affordable e-bikes will have shorter ranges and the more you pay, the more range you can enjoy. This can be anywhere from 32 to 160 kilometres. Again, shop around and see if you can find one that suits your needs.

Look at the Weight

Another detail you want to consider when you are choosing an electric bike is the weight of the frame. This is important if you are planning on taking your bike on holiday. For example, certain bike racks will only take a specific weight.

To give you a better idea, folding electric bikes are typically going to be the lightest. They are designed to become compact and easy to transport, so you will notice that they have a lighter weight. Mountain bikes tend to be the heaviest since they are built to be sturdy and stronger, as well as typically having larger tyres.

Acknowledge the Battery

Of course, an electric bike is going to have a battery. This is something that you want to examine before purchase. Firstly, a lot of people do not like it when the battery is bulky and clearly visible on the bike. This can make your bike more at risk of theft. In addition, it can mean that you have to bring the whole bike into the home to charge if it does not disconnect.

You also want to pay attention to the power. The maximum you can enjoy to be road legal is 250 watts. This is also going to give you good accelerate and assistance when you are cycling up hills and on tough terrain.

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