How to Select and Care for a Bath Pillow?


Taking a bath, everyone wants to relax and recuperate after a hard day or time filled with various worries and solving any issues. In this publication, we will help you figure out how to choose the right individual pillow for the bath: under the head, under the back.

When choosing a Bath Pillow, one must take into account the design of the bath, since some models may be designed, for example, only for vertical baths and so on. In addition, when choosing such an accessory, pay attention to these points:

  • See how the product is attached. The fixation of the object, in this case, is of great importance, since it provides a level of comfort. Models with suction cups are very popular, but if the bathtub has rectangular hinged support, then you can choose the appropriate pillow.
  • Pay attention to the shape of the accessory. Anatomical support options are more suitable, which comfortably fix body parts and provide complete relaxation of the entire torso. Only personal feelings will help you make the right choice, so try on the product for yourself before buying.
  • Check what the pillow is made of. The material of the filler and cover must be safe and resistant to moisture. Of course, tactile sensations are important: be sure to touch the product when selecting it, it should be warm and pleasant to the touch. By the way, check out the manufacturer’s warranties. If the service life is less than two years, do not buy such a product.
  • Finally, choose bath support to match the interior of the space. The modern market offers such accessories in various colors, so you can choose both a classic interior and a room with a jacuzzi.

Care tips

Make sure that the pillow is not constantly damp, otherwise, it will become moldy and give off an unpleasant odor. To avoid such problems, the accessory is cleaned and washed with an antibacterial agent after each use (it is better to make soap).

Note that not all of these pillows can be thrown in the washing machine.

  • After each washing and cleaning, the product must be allowed to dry well (outside the bathroom) and only then put back into storage. If, nevertheless, the mold has got to your “favorite”, do not immediately get rid of it and get yourself a new one.
  • It can be reanimated with white vinegar, which will treat both mold spores and black spots. You can wipe the surface with a mixture of white vinegar and water (1: 1 ratio), but if that doesn’t work, then reduce the proportion of water and add baking soda until paste forms.

Another point: Since most bath pillows come in a white cover, be careful with dyes, which may contain foam and bath salts. When using these formulations, the pillows may become stained.

Final Thought

Manufacturers recommend using the bath pillows for tub only for its intended purpose and not taking it out into nature to rest on it, and so on. By the way, these products are not for the sun. If you properly care for your bath pillow, it will serve you for a long time and retain its aesthetic appearance.


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