How to Save Time & Money For Carpet Cleaning


One of the most challenging aspects of the home-owner experience is finding time to keep up with the extensive cleaning routine that needs to be undertaken for a space to maintain its beauty. Spending a day cleaning an average-sized room can easily take up to four hours or more.

Here is how to save time & money for carpet cleaning?

1. Vacuum regularly

Perform vacuuming of carpets and upholstery at least once per week. The more often you vacuum, the less time you spend on the carpet steam cleaning. However, remember that simple vacuuming will not rid your carpets of stains or other deep embedded dirt.

2. Clean spills as soon as possible

For example, if milk spills on your carpet, take a damp paper towel and wipe the milk up immediately. If oil spills on your mat (like from a car), get a clean rag and wipe the oil off. Please don’t use anything that may damage the seal in the carpet or cause it to begin to rot.

3. Use water and soap solution instead of ammonia-based cleaning agents

The most common method used to make carpets easier is rubbing with a mixture of water and soap or simply using a damp mop. Rugs tend to lose their cleanliness after repeated washing, and this is why they should be cleaned multiple times.

However, ammonia-based detergents are not safe for use in the above circumstances, as they are hazardous to the health and can potentially damage the natural fibers of the carpet. For this reason, water-based steam techniques are recommended.

4. Use an enzyme solution once every quarter

While most people use an enzyme cleaner occasionally, the problem with this is that these cleaners are only intended for spot cleaning. Instead of leaving the carpet untouched for weeks at a time, the safest option is to use an enzyme solution every quarter. This will help prevent stains or damage to the mats by cleaning them regularly.

5. Suspend a steam iron over your carpet while you’re ironing on heavy fabrics

When ironing heavy clothes on your carpet, iron directly onto a clean cloth instead of the carpets themselves. The effect you will get will be seen immediately, and you can take it up from there.

6. Use a dry mop to clean the floor

After cleaning the carpet is finished, use a dry mop to clean the floors and avoid using too much force when mopping, as it can damage the dyes. This helps save money compared to dry cleaning machines.

7. Utilize water for all cleaning requirements

Use highly purified water for all cleaning needs, and always ask your carpet cleaner to supply it for you if you cannot filter or create your water yourself from the natural resources of nature.

8. Keep your carpets well maintained by frequent cleaning

Regular cleaning of carpets can prevent stains from building up and make the floor look great. Carpets should be cleaned at least once every two months. This will prevent any dirt or chemicals from lingering on your mat and becoming a problem for your family and pets.

9. A little goes a long way with cleaning

It is best to use a large quantity of product at one time instead of using tiny amounts over time. Using too much cleaner at once can leave unsightly residues behind on the carpet. In most cases, one bottle you purchase will be more than enough, so you do not need to over-clean your carpets as often as you would like!

10. Cleaning rugs regularly will prevent them from getting dirty in the first place

You should remove all dirt immediately during regular cleaning and do your rug cleaning at least once per month. Rugs are not easy to clean because they often have a large surface area, making them more challenging to clean than smaller carpets.

11. Take advantage of sunlight to eliminate stains from carpets

Sunlight helps eliminate stains from carpets very effectively; all you need to do is place your rug outside for a day and wait for direct sunlight to bleach away any unsightly spots.

In conclusion, carpet cleaning can be costly, but you can save time & money and have a clean home by following these tips.


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