How to Repair Garage Door Motor


Garage doors are great components of houses that keep people safe and secure. However, they can be damaged in many ways. The garage door motor is one part that can affect how your garage door opens and closes sometimes.

If you notice any problem with the way your garage door moves or if it does not open at all, it may be time to repair the motor on your garage door opener.

There are several steps you should take before calling a professional for help. Read this blog post to find out what those steps are so that you know how to repair garage door motors.

What is the Garage door motor?

A garage door motor is a modern critical device. Which enables a garage door to shut and open without pulling it down and pushing it up manually.

How to Repair Garage Door Motor: Easy Solution

If you’re having problems with your garage door motor, it’s a good idea to take the time and fix the problem.

This is a much cheaper solution than replacing the entire unit or visiting motor repairs for garage doors to do it for you.

In most cases, this is something that can be done pretty quickly. Here is the step by step process:

Step:1 Check The Door

Checking your garage door is the first step. You have to make sure that the door is functioning fully. Take a lubricant, spray it on the hinges and the garage door. Scrutinize the tracks, the screw- its tightness, the chains least you avoid something that will be a cause of the problem for the next steps.

Experts recommended that one must check garage door springs because the lack of its functioning might cause the garage door motor.

The fruit of this step is you may identify the basic problems related to your garage door.

Step:2 Some Basic Tasks

It is a very important step however users generally want to skip this step. Follow our instructions:

  • Since we use garage motor via remote-control so make sure that its power connection is uninterrupted.
  • If the connection is uninterrupted then on the switch.
  • If there is any problem then off the switch wait at least ten minutes. The hot motor may jam the process.

Step:3 Remote Control Problem

Sometimes remote control makes some trouble. The opener may not respond to the signals of the remote control. Experts recommended that in such situations you may change the batteries.

If you fail in this step then you have to purchase a new remote control.

Experts often use the term “deprogrammed”. It is related to remote control when a remote control can not function properly. For that, you have to reset it.

Step:4 The Electric Eye Realignment

If the garage door only opens but does not shut, you have to study the manual. The electric eye is the core element of this step.

On the left side, two screws are fixed within, you have to adjust these. You have to clean the electric eye to avoid trouble related to it. Check that, wiring system is uninterrupted.

Step:5 Frequency Problem:

Repairing garage motor is easy, but sometimes it is not. You can examine your remote by your neighbor’s door. If it works in your neighbor’s door but doesn’t work in your garage door then reset the remote’s frequency.

If it doesn’t work then you should replace your motor.

Garage Door motor maintenance

The garage is a vital part of our house. We use it for our various activities. If we want to get the best advantages from this part, it needs preventive care.

For a smoothly functioning garage motor, you should observe your garage door motor. Does it make scraping noise?

You should check your garage door with a wrench. Whether the screw and parts are tight or not. Because the frequent use of garage doors might loosen so you need to inspect this.

The lacking of a proper balance of your garage door will not last long. You need to inspect the rollers, replace cracked rollers ASAP. You must invest five minutes to lubricate your garage door. Check the frequency of your remote.


In the above discussion, we have thoroughly discussed how to repair the garage door motor issues. We tried to mention all kinds of garage-related problems that often arise.

We also mentioned the precious recommendations of the experts. So, follow these instructions to repair your garage door motor problems quickly.

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