How to Remodel a City Kitchen


While living in a big city undeniably comes with plenty of perks like enjoying efficient public transportation, boundless access to entertainment and restaurants, getting to meet new people all the time and more, an unfortunate truth about city living is that many apartments tend to be small and often a little outdated. If you live in a city and have been hoping to improve the look of your kitchen but aren’t too familiar with interior design Santa Barbara CA, you may be wondering how to even start a kitchen remodel los angeles. While updating a city kitchen has a few unique challenges, you can easily achieve your dream kitchen by following these tailored tips. Still not convinced that decor is key? Take a clue from an expert like restaurant interior design and allow them to remodel your kitchen.

Consult Professionals for Personalized Advice

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the remodel process, remember that you don’t have to struggle through it alone. You can always talk with professional kitchen designers Santa Monica to figure out what you want out of your new kitchen and how you can make it work in a cramped apartment.

Pick a Central Focus Feature and Design Around It

With the limited space many city kitchens tend to have, it’s safe to say you might not have room for all the bells and whistles of an expanded mansion-style kitchen. Instead, pick your favorite feature to make a central focus of the space and then design the rest of the room around it. That way, you’ll have a centerpiece to attract attention and hold the theme of the room together. For example, your central feature could be:

  • A slim island with extra cabinet space below
  • An eye-catching backsplash design
  • Granite countertops

Whatever you choose as your main attraction, be sure it works well with the vibe of the rest of your apartment in terms of style. For instance, if the rest of your apartment has dark wood features, a light off-brown cabinet color might not flow well.

Make a Food Plan for the Remodel Period

This is one aspect of remodeling a kitchen that often doesn’t occur to renters or homeowners until the remodel is already underway, but if you’re planning on making major changes, your kitchen might be out of commission for a few weeks and you’ll need a plan for getting food together during that time. Consider, for example, where you’ll move the coffee maker for the mornings or how often you’re willing to eat out. Getting an idea of your boundaries in this regard can also help you determine exactly how much upgrading you’ll end up doing, based on how long each upgrade is scheduled to take.

From providing great nightlife to presenting countless opportunities to make new friends every day, living in the city has lots to offer. However, if you live in a city with typically small apartments and your kitchen is therefore a bit outdated, you may be thinking about doing a remodel. Luckily, you don’t have to go through endless irrelevant suggestions before finding the ones that suit your situation. You can always contact professional interior designers to help you achieve your dream kitchen in your dream city.

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