How to Refinish Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring can last for many years with proper care. However, it may start to look a bit faded and dull over time. In such cases, refinishing the flooring can give it a new lease on life. Here are the steps you need to take to refinish hardwood flooring:

1. Prepare the surface

The first step is to prepare the surface of the flooring. This involves removing any dirt, grime or old paint that may be present. You can do this by using a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Preparing the surface is important, as it will help the new finish to adhere properly.

2. Sandpaper

Once the surface is clean, you need to sand it down using sandpaper. Start with coarse grit, and then work your way up to a finer grit. This will remove any bumps or irregularities on the surface of the flooring and create a smooth finish.

3. Apply the finish

Now it’s time to apply the finish. There are many different types of finishes available, so choose one that is suitable for your needs. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and apply it in thin layers. Allow each layer to dry before applying the next one.

4. Polish

Once the finish has dried, it’s time to polish the floor. Use a polishing machine for this task and take your time when going over each section. Polishing will give your floor a beautiful shine and help protect it from damage.

5. Clean up

Finally, after you have finished polishing the flooring, be sure to clean up any excess material that may have been left behind. Use a lint-free cloth as this will help prevent removing the finish and create swirls in the wood. Be sure not to use water on the surface of your hardwood floors, as moisture can cause warping or staining. You should now have a beautifully finished piece of flooring!

There are many reasons why you need hardwood floors for your home, and refinishing is a good way to restore the shine and freshness. If you are looking for advice on hardwood flooring installation or refinishing, check out the Floored blog today. The following are some of the reasons why you need a hardwood flooring installation;

Refinish Hardwood Flooring
Sunlight on hardwood floor

1. It is easy to clean and maintain

A hardwood floor can be easily cleaned with a damp mop or cloth. You don’t have to worry about dirt and dust getting stuck in the cracks, as it is much easier to clean than other flooring materials.

2. It lasts for a long time

With proper care, your hardwood floor can easily last for decades. It is a great choice if you plan to stay in the same home for a long time and avoid unnecessary expenses every few years.

3. Hardwood works well with many different types of design styles

Your bedroom doesn’t have to look like an old-fashioned gentlemen’s club just because it has a hardwood floor. Today, there are all kinds of colours and finishes available to give your room a contemporary look without compromising the feel of luxury.

4. It reflects light well

A hardwood floor will reflect light from windows better than other flooring materials. This makes it a great choice for rooms with high ceilings and large windows, as it will make the room look much more spacious and well-lit.

5. It is easy to install

Any DIY enthusiast can install a hardwood floor. It is also great if you want to save on installation costs, as most professionals charge a lot more for installing other types of flooring materials. For example, ceramic and porcelain tile prices can easily double or even triple the cost of your hardwood flooring installation.

6. It is a good insulator

One of the best features of hardwood floors is that they are excellent insulators. This means that you can save on your energy bills in the winter by installing a hardwood floor in your home. The colder air will not be able to seep through the floor and into the room, as it does with other flooring materials.

Now that you know some of the benefits of having a hardwood floor, it’s time to rethink refinishing your old flooring. Follow these simple steps to achieve a beautiful finish.

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