How to protect your valuables


Keeping valuables safe all the time is a difficult task. Even Though you love to flaunt them, keeping them safe becomes challenging as they will be delicate and expensive. Also, you have to keep them safe from getting stolen. One of the many ways to do this is to store them in a Britannia safe deposit box. This might be very frustrating, and hence we suggest you some tips to safeguard your valuables effectively.

Why is safeguarding the valuables important?

The answer to this question depends on how much are your valuable items worth to you? If they have higher-worth, then you know why to safeguard them. Naturally, the valuables mean the antiques at your home, jewelry, art pieces, and expensive clothes. Your important documents should also be included in the list.

There are the critical reasons to protect your valuables:

  • Peace of mind

When the items that hold the highest value are in a safe place, you do not have to worry about them getting stolen or damaged. This gives the utmost peace of mind, and you will concentrate on your work effectively. Otherwise, you will think about them all day, losing your inner calm.

  • Protection from thieves

They are valuables because they are of the utmost importance in your life. After all, you have kept them as a thing for the future or a backup for your problems. Your whole life may depend on that item. In such cases, losing them to thieves can impose risk on your life. So it would help if you kept them safe all the time.

  • Protection from damage

Safeguarding doesn’t always mean avoiding theft. Sometimes it also means that you are protecting them from getting ruined or damaged, which will cause you a considerable loss as damages can lower their worth in the market.

  • To keep them out of reach of children

Children do not understand the difference between more valuables and fewer valuables. They treat everything as their toys. Keeping the valuables away from your child is also a thing to consider if you are looking for reasons to buy a  home safe.

Tips to protect your valuables

Have hiding places

This is the easiest and fundamental technique to keep your valuables safe. It is the cheapest way too. When hiding the valuables, choose the places that are not obvious, like a desk drawer or bedside drawer, inside picture frames, and a cooking jar. Also, do not hide them in a place that can cause damage to your item.

Merely hiding things is exposed to more risks. Burglars can easily find these items and take whatever they want. If people who have access to every part of your house can accidentally encounter these items and take them, it will take a long time to realize they are missing.

If you want to hide the items, then places like hollowed-out books, false bottom of the trashcan, in the floor safe of the bedroom, or inside a false plant. I prefer these places as temporary places to hide things and shift them to safer places at the right time.

Install CCTV cameras

Yes, cameras do not prevent theft, but they can capture the evidence for that. Then you will know who stole your valuables. You can also go for hidden cameras if you have doubts about your maid or someone close. Add video monitors with the cameras. This makes you alert when someone breaks into your house. Sometimes when there is a risk of fire or any damage to your item, you can watch them.

Use Home-safe

The valuables that you need to use regularly need to be at your home and your reach. For such items, you can choose a custom safe. They are also available with different features such as resistance to fire, burglars, and sometimes both. The price will vary with the features that are available with the safe. They will have extra security with intelligent lock systems of both key and combination code. These custom safeties are very heavy, and burglars can not take the whole thing out.

Do not Flaunt your valuables on social media

Do not Flaunt your valuables on social media

Posting about your valuables in your social media account may poke the eyes of the thieves. A study says that many thieves decide their target by using Facebook and Twitter. Also, you do not know who is following you on any of these social media accounts. There are many reports that theft happened after posting it on social media. We are not scaring you that robbery will happen. But be careful when you are posting.

Use Home-safe

Be sensible when you are using these valuable items

Let’s assume that the valuable thing we are talking about is your jewelry. There are certain places and occasions where you should and shouldn’t wear them. Indeed, you are not wearing them on a sports day. Otherwise, you will lose them in the field. Hence, use your valuables only in proper places.

Never and ever leave the valuables on the show

Even Though you have hidden cameras and security alarms in your home, do not think it is protected from thieves. There may be people who know that you have all these and learn how to dismantle them. Keeping your valuables in plain sight is always risky. Please do not leave them on a table or window side. It will just invite more problems. Instead, keep them inside drawers or utility cupboards concisely and then transfer them to safer places.

Protect your valuables when you are traveling

Suppose you are going for a couple of weeks, no need to take everything with you. If you bring valuables with you, the higher probability of losing them is in airports, hotel check-in, check-out, sightseeing, or between traveling. If you are carrying jewelry, make it a small set of only a few essential accessories. Store them in a zipped pouch and keep them hidden inside the bag. Ask for safe storage facilities in the hotels and use them.


There are plenty of safety options available in the market. It would help if you choose the right choice for you, depending on what you are trying to protect and what comes within your budget.

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