How to Protect Your Patio Furniture from Hail Damage

Patio furniture investments can be worthwhile for many reasons. Patio furniture makes your outdoor space look a lot more welcoming, and creates a wonderful atmosphere for not just you but your guests too. It can make dining outdoors and entertaining guests rewarding and fun. It goes without saying that if you want to make the most out of your patio furniture, you should maintain it well. This involves protecting it from all kinds of inclement weather situations. Hail is just one example, but should definitely be kept top of mind considering the damage it can do.

Hail damage is both unsightly and noticeable. Fortunately, safeguarding your outdoor furniture from tiny frozen pieces of ice is a lot simpler than you may suspect.

Temporarily Store Your Outdoor Furniture Indoors

You should never dismiss the importance of outdoor furniture protection. Since this type of furniture can typically tolerate most weather during the summer months, it isn’t uncommon for people to not think twice about it during hailstorms. This is a mistake.

Hailstones have the ability to shatter tables that are made out of glass. They can put enormous dents into furniture items that are made out of plastic and metal as well. If you believe that a hailstorm is on the horizon, you should take the time to temporarily place your outdoor furniture pieces indoors or at least move them to a more sheltered location in your yard and position them so that they won’t be as vulnerable. You can put your furniture in your garage or basement for a while, or perhaps tuck it underneath a deck or next to your home.

Cover Your Patio Furniture

It’s okay if you’re unable to safeguard your outdoor furniture pieces indoors. Your second greatest bet is to conceal your furniture. How can you cover it? You can do so by getting your hands on designated outdoor furniture covers. You can find sturdy and dependable covers that were designed exclusively for the protection of sofas, tables, chairs, fire pits and more. If this isn’t an option, you can even use old blankets that you don’t mind getting dirty.

How exactly can you pick suitable and effective patio furniture covers, anyway? Concentrate on materials. Vinyl and polyester are two examples of favourites in the outdoor furniture cover realm. They’ll both safeguard furniture from unpredictable and aggressive environmental debris such as hailstones. Although vinyl and polyester can both help protect outdoor furniture pieces from a vast array of weather factors, it may be particularly smart to zero in on the superior waterproof material option, which often happens to be vinyl.

Other cover factors to think about are breathability, size, drawstrings and buckles. If you want to be able to stop your outdoor furniture pieces from moving, you should search for covers that are equipped with drawstrings and buckles.

Store Outdoor Furniture Cushions and Pillows

Do you have a stunning patio sofa that features eye-catching and cozy cushions and pillows? If you do, the last thing you want is to make them vulnerable to potential hailstorm damage. If you want to defend your cushions and pillows from unpredictable and random hailstorms, then you can take the time to store them inside any time they’re not in use. If you have had no outdoor gathering plans for quite a while, you should think about buying a resilient deck storage box. These spacious boxes can accommodate cushions, pillows, lanterns and anything else you can fit in them.

Why is cushion and pillow hailstorm protection so advantageous? If you want your beloved cushions and pillows to be able to stand the test of time, you should minimize their contact with moisture. Hailstorms obviously are not only substantial moisture sources, they can also cause rips and tears if the hail is really bad.

Purchase a Pergola or Canopy

Designated outdoor furniture covers aren’t the only rock-solid choice for folks who want to conceal their favourite pieces from hailstorms and all of their consequences. If you’re keen on weatherproofing your outdoor furniture items, then you can also try getting a lovely pergola or canopy. These things can even give you the gift of bonus weather protection – just be sure you install them securely so that they don’t blow away. They’re not only suitable for defence against hail damage. That’s because they can also protect outdoor furniture from warping and fabric discoloration. The sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays can do a number on outdoor furniture colouring, after all.

Get Your Hands on Rubber or Silicone Furniture Pads

It’s no big surprise to anyone that major hailstorms can pave the way for floors that are persistently and unpleasantly wet. If you want to protect your patio furniture from hailstorms and moisture damage, you should try leg caps or rubber furniture pads. Silicone furniture pads can be equally effective, too.

The Best is All You Can Do

At the end of the day, hailstorms are the epitome of unpredictable weather. This type of storm can damage cars, houses, and gardens – so don’t think your patio furniture is safe just because it’s “weather-proof”. Take extra steps to protect your investment in summer lounging essentials.