How to Protect your Outdoor Furniture


When you have outdoor furniture and the weather is great you sometimes do not think of protecting it but even from the sun, when it is especially hot it needs protection. Should you see rain, frost, winds and such then it needs protection during those times too. The best way you can look after your investment is to use protective covers for outdoor furniture Melbourne. You should also make sure before you buy that you make some sensible choices. Look for features that mean it can handle the climate you live in. Water-resistance, not prone to sun fading are two that stand out but you might have other needs. Also, consider do you have the space to store it away when the wind gets too strong or the weather turns and it cannot stay out anymore?

Keep it covered to protect it from the elements

When you put protective covers on the furniture it is not just to protect it from rain and moisture. When that sun gets very strong it can cause sun damage and fading. Think about how easy the covers are to put on too. Here are some things to consider when you choose the protection.

1.Look for covers that are made from a breathable fabric

The fabric of the protective covers is crucial so do not rush your buying. It is important that they are made from a protective but still breathable material meaning they allow airflow in still. This better ensures moisture does not get trapped inside the covers. If you do not have a breathable fabric then choose covers that have ventilation flaps you can open and close as needed.

2. Find a water-resistant material

You also want to choose a protective fabric that is water-resistant. The outdoor furniture Melbourne that is most prone to damage from water when it rains and on damp mornings is wood. When dealing with damaged wooden outdoor furniture it is most often due to water damage because it was not protected. The durability of water damaged furniture is drastically reduced. So to protect the furniture you have invested your time and money into, it makes sense to add some protection.

3. Look at the details

Look for covers that have crisp corners and sewn seams that are strong and of good quality. This means more care has gone into their design so they will last longer. To make it easier to get them on and off you can decide whether you want to choose covers that have zippers.

4. Make sure they will fit well

You should measure your cushions and furniture to ensure the protective covers fit well so they are completely covered. Covers that are too loose can allow exposure to happen from the damp, dust, heat and such.

Store it when it is out of season

Finally, when the colder and wetter season comes it is time to put your outdoor furniture Melbourne into storage. Making sure you have room for it somewhere like a dry basement or garage is the best way to look after it. Keep it all covered.

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