How to Properly Utilize Your Closet Space


With our hustling culture and busy lifestyle, keeping your closet organized can seem like a mammoth task. It is even more daunting when you have a small space. However, it is very important, since your clothes can be ruined if they are not properly stored.

Organized closets save you a huge chunk of time. When your belongings are in order, you can avoid wasting time searching for clothes and accessories for the day. There are numerous ways to utilize every corner of your closet, even if it is tiny.

With the right strategies, organizing items, and some simple tricks, you can keep your closet organized. All you need is a little bit of patience and a weekend to sort out your wardrobe space. Here are some tips to organize your closet easily.

Toss Out Clothes That Don’t Fit

Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, especially the ones that are too small and tight. Also, throw out the clothes you haven’t worn for over a year. There is a wrong notion that is common amongst many people that keeping smaller-sized clothes can inspire them to lose weight.

No one can lose weight overnight. If you made a plan to lose weight via proper diet and exercise, you can store the smaller clothes in durable containers. When you reach your weight goals, you can put them back in your regular wardrobe.

Store Away

Whether it is something that you will be able to wear after reaching your targeted weight or off-season outerwear like coats, store it in durable containers as mentioned earlier. You can also hang them in the back of your closet for later use. Make sure the clothes are in protective coverings like plastic.

You can use clothes vacuum bags to preserve and store your clothes. The vacuum saves a lot of space, making it easy to utilize the space properly. This protective layering is ideal for keeping your fancy pieces in pristine condition.

If you are storing them in containers, make sure you have mothballs in them. The balls will prevent silverfish infestations. It will also keep any mold or fungus at bay. Ensure that both the container and the clothing are clean.


Besides clothes you don’t wear anymore, you also need to get rid of other items that are taking up space. Discard clunky, thick hangers and replace them with cascading hangers or simple thin ones. Opting for thin, no-slip hangers is ideal. They can hold delicate materials like velvet and silk in place.

Throw away worn-out clothes. Scrap the torn underwear, the single sock that has lost its mate, the worn-out bra, that old T-shirt with holes in it. In essence, dispose of anything that has outlived its purpose and has no practical use.

Clear out space by discarding discolored jewelry pieces, out-of-style bags, purses with faulty zippers, etc. Only keep the things that are still functioning and haven’t lost their usefulness.

Floor Space

Ensure you don’t have any clothes lying on the floor. Nothing looks worse than piles of clothes lying around. Keep a designated basket in the corner of your room where you can throw dirty laundry.

If possible, keep the bottom of your closet unoccupied. Hang your shorter pieces at one side of the closet and the longer ones on the other side.

This will make room on the floor where you can put a small cabinet or a compact shoe rack. You can also keep your laundry hamper there.

Utilize the Upper Shelf

Have you considered using shelf dividers? You can use clip-on dividers on the upper shelf. The dividers function as partitions. These will transform the rack into small compartments. You can use these small sections to store various accessories that you use regularly.

You can also store folded clothes and prevent them from toppling over. This will also avert a huge avalanche of clothes over your head when you open the wardrobe.

The compartments can also be used to store handbags and purses in an upright position, making them more accessible and easy to grab when you need them.

Use All the Corners

Optimize the entire space of your closet and don’t leave out any corners. Utilizing your corners with hanging stands and corner shelving can make it easier to keep your things organized. It also saves space and makes more room for storage.

You can install a wire shelf and keep your possessions in place. You can also opt for a hanging space that runs all the way to the corner. If you own hats, you can also install a hat stand in the corner. Keeping baskets or containers can also be an alternative.

All in all, make the corners functional by adding a designated hanging rod, storage box, or shelf.

The Doors

You can use the doors as hanging space as well. Attach hanger hooks on the inside of your closet door. The hooks can be used for hanging bags, scarves, belts, pajamas, or robes.

On the other hand, you can use the door to store your jewelry and accessories like hair scrunchies. Line the door with a cork board with pins to store your necklaces and other trinkets that can be hung.

If possible, you can replace the normal closet doors with pull-out or bi-fold ones to maximize space. You can also adorn the doors with storage caddies or fabric organizers.

Opt for stylish organizers that complement the interior and decor of your room. The added storage on the door also makes it easier to keep your regular possessions within your reach.

Maintain a Tidy Space

Do regular seasonal cleaning of your closet at least once a year. Regularly vacuum the floor of your closet to avoid any dust accumulation. Avoid piling your clothes on the floor and keep them in an assigned basket. Keep the off-season clothes and accessories at the back.

Keep your daily wear in the front and within reach. If possible, plan your outfit the night before. This will prevent you from having to rummage through all your stuff and create a mess. It also saves time and decreases your chances of running late.

Organized Closet, Organized Life

Your daily activities are easier when all your belongings are kept in order. It also conserves time and makes you feel less frazzled. Having all your things arranged also gives you a sense of fulfillment. Proper shelving will always be beneficial and helps you maintain your organization.

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