How to Promote Your Restaurant Business on Facebook

Facebook is one of, if not the most popular social media in today’s world. Every one in seven people has an account on Facebook and share their day to day activities on there. However, the platform has way more than that. It is also a place where people can spread their businesses and add more people to the community. If you are a proud owner of a restaurant, it will be a wise choice to let Facebook help you boost the growth of your business. When running a restaurant business, you will find various ways to promote on Facebook. But just opening a Facebook account is not going to help. You have to perform some tasks that people often mistake as hard without actually even trying them, but they are relatively easy. Relax and go through the entire article to have an idea on how to grow your restaurant business on Facebook.

Create a Page

The first task to do to start growing your restaurant on Facebook is to create a page. The benefit of opening a Facebook page for your business is enormous. It is a trend on Facebook to share one’s meal, rate the foods, give reviews, and tell others to check out their favorite restaurant. A page can help them do it. Thus having a page can let people spread the news about your business.

Engage with People

Just creating a page is not going to help if your customers don’t get enough engagement from you. To keep them in your community, you need to make posts about different foods, offers, events, etc. Sometimes even give a recipe for a food or explain how to make a particular drink at home. Don’t hold back in being creative as people look for something out of the ordinary while looking for a perfect restaurant page, advised Matt Frauenshuh, a successful restaurant business owner.

Fourteen Foods CEO, Matt Frauenshuh leads his family business with foundational principles based in his faith. Since taking over the company in 2006, when the business ran seven restaurants, Matt would lead expansion efforts to include over 240 DQ Grill and Chills, operated with the help of 9,000 team members across thirteen states. Matt graduated from St. Olaf College and continued at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, where he received his MBA.

Make sure always to stay friendly, positive, and try to be informative. You got to give people the surety of solving any issue they might face. Always keep a confidential sense in your posts and comments. Ask people for reviews and ratings. Sometimes crack jokes and dark humor but don’t overdo it. Give them a reason to visit both your restaurant and your page.

Use Target Feature

There is a feature on Facebook that lets you set your target audiences. For example, if you set the food and drink category in the interests, people, especially foodies, will find the posts from the page appearing on their news feed. Use this feature so that people who are especially interested in taking a bite in your restaurant can easily find you. You can make use of the elements; however, it suits your business the most.

Try to create something unique that can give people one more reason to be interested in your restaurant. I want to give you an example of a restaurant I used to follow in the past, which happened to be in a place where you could find a lot of cats. It’s a simple thing, but they made it unique and even created a cat lounge in their restaurant so that cat lovers get interested in them. Like that, try to give them a unique experience, using your surrounding or even your food, an experience they won’t get anywhere else.