How to Prepare Your House for a Hurricane in Fort Myers, Florida


Our residence is our shelter, and we must constantly protect it to maintain our safety and security.

If your house is near the coastlines like Fort Myers, you frequently check the weather reports throughout the summer and autumn. Hurricanes are most likely to occur between June and November. Many of them making havoc and leaving severe damages.

Hurricanes and storm-related floods inflict an estimated $34 billion in damage to US homes each year. The Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and the beaches along the Atlantic Coast are particularly vulnerable. Florida, North Carolina, Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, New York, Georgia, and Massachusetts are the top ten states in terms of hurricane activity.

As a homeowner in one of these hurricane hotspots, you should take protective measures to safeguard your property. Not only that, if you live in Fort Myers, you should contact electricians in Ft. Myers to inspect your house and solve any issues you find.

So, without further delay, let us get to know how to make your house hurricane-proof.

Protect Doors and Windows

Protecting doors and windows from strong winds and flying debris is important, either with impact-resistant glass or shutters. The force of winds during a hurricane can make flying debris work like a speeding bullet.

Consider installing an easy-to-install shutter system, such as a track, in the event of an impending hurricane.

Thankfully, impact windows eliminate the possibility of this occurrence in the first place. Impact windows are very tough to shatter and also provide theft protection. However, installing wind-resistant, shatterproof windows in your house might be costly. Like a hurricane-resistant roof, these impact glass windows are more expensive than the standard ones.

Along with windows, ensure that your exterior doors are impact and wind-resistant as well. When a hurricane passes, debris unavoidably flies in the air. Regrettably, it only takes one of these windblown objects traveling at the speed of a hurricane to bring down an ordinary front door. Once it is blown open, more wind, debris, and water can enter the house. This may result in severe structural damage due to the increased pressure and flooding due to the extra water.

To prevent these catastrophes, take measures by installing hurricane-proof doors. The hurricane-proof doors are constructed of fiberglass and are costly too. For more information on securing front doors from hurricanes, check out our guide on How to Secure Front Door From Hurricane.

Landscape the Yard

One of the most effective methods to defend your house from a hurricane is simply by preparing your yard. In addition, regular landscaping and yard care may help protect your house from damage and devastation during hurricane season. To begin, clean up your gutters. By removing leaves and other debris from the gutters surrounding the house, rainfall from hurricanes and tropical storms will flow more freely down the roof.

Second, trim any trees and shrubs near your house. Do not forget to remove coconuts and loose branches that may act as a threat to the outside of your house. If you see any tree about to fall, contact a professional tree removal company to have it removed. Additionally, remove any patio furniture and other loose objects that might get blown away.

Install a Metal Roof

If you stay in a hurricane zone like Fort Myers, you will need a hurricane-resistant roof. With continuous exposure to wind, rain, and other external pressures, the roof is one of the most vulnerable structural components of the house. And suppose you reside in an area prone to tropical storms and hurricanes, your roof is certain to suffer damage regardless of how strongly it is constructed.

Fortunately, one material that can survive the strong winds and heavy rains of a hurricane is metal. If you consider buying a house that does not have a metal roof, we strongly advise you to skip it. Metal is a very common choice for wind-resistant roofing.

Metal roofing is made up of interlocking panels that offer an unmatched level of strength and security. Additionally, this kind of roofing can withstand gusts of up to 140 mph.

When you put a metal roof on your house, you must ensure that it complies with all applicable state and municipal construction regulations in Fort Myers.

Clean the Drainage System

While you should always maintain your downspouts and gutters and keep them clean, it is essential to ensure that nothing obstructs water flow during a hurricane. If it is not removed immediately, it will end up in your roof and attic. Check your gutters and downspouts to ensure that nothing is hindering the flow of water.

Get a Standby Generator

While you and your house may survive the hurricane, the electrical infrastructure is unlikely to withstand the devastation. Therefore, having a backup generator can be a wise investment. If your generator is small and just powers necessities, in that case, at least you will be able to endure the storm’s aftermath to some effect.

Bear in mind that a generator can be very loud. So if you live in Fort Myers, the structure’s location will be governed by local building and zoning regulations. Make sure to adhere to these guidelines and locate the generator in an area that will not drive anyone insane while it is running.

Upgrade the Garage Door

80% of home hurricane damage occurs as a result of wind entering through garage doors. So, to be safe, you should consider upgrading your garage door. In addition, wind and floods may be a problem with lightweight garage doors.

For example, if hurricane winds damage your garage door, you can be sure that flood water will quickly enter the garage, destroying your vehicle and everything else within. This is so prevalent that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recognized garage door loss as a significant cause of hurricane storm damage to houses.

If you reside in a hurricane zone, ensure that your garage doors are built to withstand the power of a hurricane. The majority of hurricane-resistant garage doors are constructed of steel. So, investing in them will be a great idea to make your garage hurricane-proof.


Hurricanes may strike at any time of year and in any season. However, planning and proper hurricane-proofing can go a long way toward avoiding or mitigating damage and making recovery easier. Now that you have learned how to hurricane-proof your home, you can rest assured that you will be prepared for the next major storm. Best of luck!


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