How to Play Paintball Like a Pro?

Paintball is an intense action game, and if you are a beginner, it might be super challenging for you to deal with your opponents. That’s why we came up with this guide; we know a lot of beginner players are joining playball, so we have gathered all the tips and tricks of professional playball players and summed it up in an article so you a beginner can also play Paintball like a pro.

Paintball is such an interesting game that it has the potential to turn your teammates into your opponent or rival. Every newcomer is quite nervous before their first paintball match. Paintball is a type of sport in which there are compressed air weapons that paintball players use to compete (competition can be both individual or in the team) against their opponents.

If you want to master Paintball, the first step you have to take is to familiarize yourself with the game rules and regulations, equipment, and all the basics in the sports field. Paintball is a super fun game, and whoever plays it enjoys it a lot, and what makes it more fun and enjoyable is being on the winning team side. Being a paintball player, you should be able to play at a high level as this will make the game immersive and super engaging.

Paintball is a fun game that you can enjoy to spend time and get away from your normal routine with your friends and family, but this game is not just limited to playing with friends and family. some people actually play Paintball as a somber real game.

There are some specific rules associated with Paintball that every player must be aware of and follow while playing the game. Also, being a paintball player, you will need suitable equipment; there are two options when it comes to paintball equipment: either rent it or buy it. Buying equipment is the most suitable option only if you play Paintball on a regular basis.

So, now let’s see what tips and tricks you can follow being a beginner to enjoy and play Paintball like a pro player.

1. Make sure you are aware with the weight of your equipment

Try to get equipment with bearable weight; you will face a huge disadvantage in-game when your equipment is too heavy to lift. While choosing equipment, try to keep in mind two things, your comfort and game duration.

2. Learn the basics

If you want to become a pro paintball player, you have to master the basics. Start with the market positioning. While you are on in this, wear your mask; this will help you replicate firing during the fight. On the marker barrel, you will find a laser pointer utilizing that while firing, so it becomes obvious where you will hit when you fire a paintball.

Now put into the firing position with your pointer and mask on. Learn that firing position. Before you bring your marker up, try to estimate where your fired shot will hit. Once you do, bring your marker into the firing position quickly. Keep practicing until you can do it without the help of the laser pointer. Make sure your rivals do not see the light; otherwise, they will trace you and going to hit you, and you can get into big trouble.

3. Get the best out of your equipment

You can win at playball when you can get the best out of your field weapon. Bad firing rates can be found even in the most expensive paintball guns. You can fix that. Next, you have to do “walking the trigger” for this, you have to pull the trigger back and forth slowly at first and then increase the pulling rate.

Remember that in an actual marker trigger, you will have to put more pressure on those fingers. Try multiple types of equipment and find the one with which you can fire at the fastest rate.

If you are a beginner, then try to get a marker in the $100-150 range; once you are an expert, go for 500$ range. Get a safety mask and Goggles, so your eyes do not get hurt while fighting.

4. Learn running and shooting

While playing Paintball, two mandatory things to master are running and shooting. Practice this as much as you can, put your paintball gun into firing position with the help of a laser pointer. Make an aiming point on a wall inside your home. Make sure your aim point with the laser remains steady on the wall as you move or run. After practicing this a lot, you’ll master it.

5. Learn the art of bunkering

Get behind an object or container when you have a three-on-three-person match. Start firing as soon as you find your target. When aiming or shooting at your target, either keep them in or make them run out of paint (do this alone or call your teammates), then move towards your next target and hit home.

6. Master the art of snap shooting

In Paintball, you have to learn snap shooting, so what is snap shooting? It happens in a gunfight where you get out of the bunker yet enough that you get off some shots and get back into the fight again. If you want to practice sharpshooting, then do it in front of your home mirror. Imagine yourself in a gunfight, and you are making accurate shots while hiding behind an object and shooting again by popping out of the object. You will get better.

7. Get prepared to reload in a gunfight

In your gear, make sure you have paintball pods to save yourself and your teammates. Pass on the information to your mate by yelling, “reloading, cover me!”. The “cover me” phrase is used to let your teammates know about the reloading; you do not have to yell it too loud that your opponents will get to know that you’re reloading, and they will attack you. Next, you have to open the hopper. While doing this, make sure you have your finger on the trigger; next, take out a pod and then pop the top and pour some new paint in the gun.

Close the hopper, drop your pod on the field, and start firing. Let your teammates know about reloading without shouting it out loud. Practice reloading as much as you can until you reach the level where you do not have to ask your team to cover you up.

8. Know your positions

In a paintball game, you will find three positions:

  1. Front
  2. Middle
  3. Back

The man in the front position is responsible for looking for openings and windows so they can take out players; also, he relays information about what is going on in the middle of the playing field.

While the person standing in the middle position is responsible for relaying information from the front field to the backfield. The men on the back work in coordination with a frontman as they try to help them find the openings and shoot a lot of paint to make distractions.

9. Walk the field and make a team game plan

Individual game plans can lead to defeat; it is ideal that you make a game plan with your teammates to avoid confusion and get better winning results.

10. Build a strategy and make communication

Two main keys to playing play ball like a pro are communication and strategy. Pair these things together and win the game.

Final Words

Paintball is a fun game; just try to focus on building a team plan to get to know your objective and attack in the field. Play according to the rules and for success, follow our guide.