How to Open a Car Door Without a Key [04 Proven Methods]

Imagine you have lost your car key, and you can open your car door without your keys. I know most of you already faced the situation. People also often lock their car keys inside the car in a hurry.

If you have encountered this situation, then you can call a locksmith to help you open the car door. But waiting for a locksmith is a matter of time. Do you have the time?

How to Open a Car Door Without a Key

Did you know you can open a car door with a key? Yes, in this article, we are about to discuss how to open a car door without a key?

I hope you find this article helpful. So, let’s find out the amazing ways to open a car door without a key.

Method 01: Using your Shoelace

I know you wonder how effective shoelace can be to open a car door without a key. Most people are going to say that’s just a trick. That’s not a bluff, to be honest. Using a shoelace, you can open a car door.

You need only a shoelace first, then make a slipknot in the center of the shoelace. Keep the string ends with both hands, and slip the shoelace through the door corner inside the car.

After that, all you need to do is try to reach the knot over the doorknob so you can secure the knot by pulling the ends of the lace until the knot is perfectly positioned. Now you can pull up the doorknob quickly to open the door of your car.

This process won’t work for those cars that have door lock on the side of the door. But if there is a doorknob on your car door, you can use the shoelace trick to open the door with a key.

Method 02: Using a Long Rod

You can open a car door without a key by using a long rod. To do that, make sure you can pry the top part of the car door, just a little bit so that you can put a long rod to reach the locking mechanism of the car door.

Make sure you don’t damage the paint of the car door. You can use also use a wooden wedge to maintain the gap between the door and the car. The gap is important because you have to put the rod inside of the car through the gap.

Now, once you are sure that you can put the rod through the gap, but the rod inside the car and try to reach the door locking mechanism and unlock the door.

Method 03: Using a Stripe of Plastic

You can open a car door without a key by using a stripe of plastic if your car door has the locking mechanism on the top of the door.

If the locking mechanism is on the side, then using a stripe technic won’t work. So, to open the car door with the stipe of plastic, you have to pry the car door a little bit. Maintain the gap between the door and the car so that you can put the plastic stripe inside the door.

Using a plastic stripe is much faster and easier than the shoelace trick. Try to reach the doorknob with the plastic strip and once you reach there, pull up that doorknob and open the car door.

Method 04: Using a Coat Hanger or a Slim Jim

Using a coat hanger or a slim Jim is one of the most common and effective ways to open a car door without a key. This coat hanger method works on different types of locks, such as a manual locking system and an automatic locking system.

All you need to do is take a coat hanger and bend the one side of the hanger. Make sure the coat hanger you are using is long enough to reach inside the door locking mechanism.

When you’ve got the coat hanger ready, you’ve got to place the hanger between the car door and the weather stripping. After that, try to figure out the car door control arm that is attached to the lock rod in the door.

Now, you believe you’ve found the control arm inside the door that you can pull the arm up and open the door. Yes, multiple tries are needed, but this is the most successful route. It will save you time by a lot.

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There’s a lot of ways to open your car door without a key. I already have some useful methods in this article to open a car door without a key so you can follow the steps when you are facing the situation.

I strongly recommend hiring a locksmith if you are good or don’t want to follow those methods. But note a locksmith can be expensive to employ.