How to Move Furniture without Unnecessary Complications?


The question of how to move furniture to protect it from breakage becomes relevant when moving. Expensive items are easy to damage, you need to hire a car with a large carrying capacity. It is necessary to carefully move the property from a high floor. But this does not guarantee the success of the event. The solution – is the transportation of furniture by car by an experienced logistician. The service includes many options and allows you to minimize the risks on the way.

Basic rules for transporting furniture

Proper transportation of furniture – the development of a plan that takes into account all factors:

  • The number of movers – all depends on the amount of work, complexity, and weight of the moving structures. If you hire a few people, the process will be delayed, you will have to pay more if the rate is not fixed.
  • Proper transportation of furniture can not be organized without the professional tools of the carrier. These are carts, lifting platforms, and manipulators, which will facilitate the movement of items, loading, and unloading.
  • The system of fixing the cargo in the car – guarantees the safety of the property.
  • Type and capacity of transport – small vans are not able to hold many items, others, on the contrary, are too large – there will be free space, for which you have to pay.

Keep in mind that ordering a too big car will not always have a positive impact on the cost of transportation and, moreover, the safety of the cargo. Think about it, perhaps your personal car will perfectly cope with this task. Especially if it is SUV or minivan. For small shipments, you can use a car you rented for everyday use for a small price. For example, you can go to a Range Rover rental in Dubai and get a great car for not much money. Also, the model range in the car rental services will pleasantly surprise you.

Preparation of furniture for transportation

Before you pack furniture for moving to another city or country, it needs to be cleaned from dust, and dirt. This will not allow small particles to damage the polish, no scratches will appear. Preparatory work:

  • removal of fittings – brackets, handles, drawers remove and put in a bag, sign;
  • removing shelves – pack sections in cardboard boxes;
  • removing mirror and glass elements.

At the preparatory stage, it is worth buying packing materials and tools for disassembly:

  • cardboard
  • paper
  • bubble wrap
  • foam rubber
  • adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • screwdriver

For the protection of large objects, you can use improvised means for packing in the form of sets of bed linen, towels, lightweight carpeting, and rags.

Marking the packaging will reduce the risk of damage during loading, and will give a clue to the riggers on how to handle the boxes.

What to note:

  • “center of gravity” – for especially massive items;
  • “top,” “bottom” – for things that are not recommended to be turned over;
  • “fragile,” “glass.”
  • “open here” – information for the movers on how to position the boxes correctly.
  • Check the integrity of the containers before placing your belongings in the body.

Important stages of loading:

  1. The scheme of placement of the elements in the body is developed in advance;
  2. With the help of rigging tools items are moved into the car – platforms, elevators, manipulators, rails;
  3. placement – different types of furniture are placed separately so they do not touch each other on the road;
  4. movers provide a reliable fixation. Not all vehicles are equipped with fastening systems. This is provided for in the transport of an experienced logistician. Ignoring the requirement will lead to numerous damages on the way, falling objects, and severe shaking.
  5. For safe transportation, choose a specialized car.


The priority is to properly organize the process of removing items. Measure the doorways of the apartment, entryway, and office in advance. Analyze whether the object will be able to pass the turns in the stairwell without damage. Check the capacity of the elevator and the width of the opening sashes. If there is no way to carry the load, remove all items. Do not skimp on logistic businesses. A specialist will be able to provide for all the nuances and move heavy items without risk.

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