How to Measure for Window Replacement


If you plan to install new windows in your home, you should know how to measure for new windows. The basic measurements are the width of the window opening and the height of the window. The depth of the window should be at least three inches, but you must remember to add a half-inch if you want to install metal windows. The window opening width should be measured from edge to edge. You can use this measurement as a reference to measure the size of the replacement window.

Measuring Height And Width

The first step when measuring your window is to make sure they are square. This can be done by measuring the diagonal length from the upper right corner to the lower left corner of the frame. Next measure the opposite diagonal (lower right to upper left) and compare the measurements. If the measurements are within a quarter inch of each other, most replacement windows will fit with no issues. If the window is not square you will need to find another solution. A good way to solve this issue is to hire a professional, window installation companies have the experience to ensure you get the best solution without the headache.

The height and width of the replacement window is the most important consideration. To measure them, you must remove the window’s trim. Then, you must measure the rough opening of the window. The rough opening is the space in the wall where the new windows will be installed.

Window Replacement
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The next step is to measure the height. The height is measured from the bottom to the top of the window frame. You should also note down the height of the vertical and horizontal trim boards. The height you measure will be the height of the window opening. Once you have determined the height of the window, you can proceed to the next step – measuring the width.

Measuring the width of the windows is similar to the height. Instead of measuring from top to bottom however, you measure from side to side of the window frame. After measuring the width, double check all your measurements and write them down to use when picking your replacement window.

Ensure that all measurements are accurate and consistent. You should also use imperial measurements since it is the standard with windows. If you do not know the dimensions, write down the smallest value and cut it by one eighth inch.

Selecting a Window Replacement

After you’ve measured all the dimensions of your window framing it is time to select the replacement window. There are a few factors to consider, such as energy efficiency, cost, and aesthetics. For energy efficiency, there are a range of options available for better insulation, they do however, come with a premium price tag. Once you’ve decided how to balance the efficiency and cost of your windows you should look at the different models, and choose the one that looks best for your home. If you are going to spend all this time and money, you should make sure your happy to look at the finished product.

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