How to Make Your Roof Windows Last Longer


Roof windows are an excellent feature to have in your house, they provide a lot of natural light and make the house feel fancier. To get the most out of your roof lights, you should create and ensure to closely follow a regular maintenance schedule.

Remember that taking care of your roof windows doesn’t mean additional work every week, usually, two times a year is enough. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know to make your windows last longer.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning is part of a basic maintenance regimen for everything, rooflights for flat roofs and pitched roofs included. You should clean the flashing at least once a year in order to get rid of any excess debris or leaves and allow rainwater to flow without any trouble. Some roof windows are installed with self-cleaning glazing. Still, the window itself should also be cleaned as long as there are visible staining and dirt on it.

Air Filter Maintenance

Roof windows are usually equipped with air filters, and they need to be kept clean by removing the build-up dust or dirt. Removing the air filter for cleaning is possible when the window is safely locked in the cleaning position. The filter can be washed with ordinary cleaners found in every house and put back as easily as it was removed. Taking care of the air filter should result in a reduction of condensation and better air circulation inside the house.

How to Deal with Condensation

The most efficient way to avoid condensation is to make sure that the house is ventilated on a daily basis. You can achieve that by using fans in the kitchen and bathroom, which are typically the rooms with the most moisture. Opening windows in various rooms is also a great idea. Try to maintain the perfect 68 degrees inside the house, and your windows should be fine.

Take Care of Hinges and Opening Mechanism

Over time, the mechanical parts of your roof windows, the hinges and the opening mechanism, will also require some maintenance. Experts recommend lubricating those parts once a year which should keep them in good working order. However, if you see any damage to either hinges or the opening mechanism, consider replacing them as a safety precaution.

Pine Window Maintenance Tips

Pine finish versions of roof windows are produced by all major window manufacturers. They look stylish because of the wood finish, but they do require additional maintenance. Their frames need to be primed and lacquered at least every four years to remain weatherproof and in good condition. When you perform these tasks, make sure to use quality wood varnish to ensure that your roof windows last you decades.

Polyurethane Window Maintenance

Polyurethane windows are the most popular type of roof windows on the market and are very easy to maintain after installation. In fact, standard household cleaning products should be enough to get the job done. If you do notice any major damage, like scratching, then simply buy a dedicated repair kit to fill and repaint the frame, and make it last for many more years to come. Most brands have such kits available in their offer.


Roof windows and skylights require rare but precise maintenance. There are a couple of steps that you need to follow to ensure their longevity, starting from cleaning to lubricating the hinges and the opening mechanism. The good news is that roof window maintenance is not complicated and you should be more than able to perform it by yourself. Take care of your roof windows and make them last longer.


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