How to Make Your Bathroom Spa-like and Choose the Right Vanity


The bathroom is one of two rooms that is the most used in every home.

It is the place you go to relax at the end of the day, clear your mind, prepare for your day, and so much more.

Every home deserves a bathroom that feels like a luxury spa.

A bathroom that is designed properly adds to your health, well-being, and the impression of those who walk into your home.

Blossom bathroom vanities are a great place to start to add that elegant touch.

They are designed to add elegance and convenience.

Read on to learn what a well-designed bathroom can do for your home, how a Blossom bathroom vanity can transform your bathroom, and how to choose the best one for your home.

The 2nd most important room, but why?

There are two rooms in every home that are considered the heart of the home, and are the most used — the kitchen and the bathroom.

When we have guests, it is one of the two rooms they will talk about after leaving.

The bathroom is typically the first place we go in the morning, and the last place we go at night.

It is the place where we keep up with our hygiene and relax after a long day.

The decor and functionality of your bathroom can set the tone for your day.

If it is cramped and rundown, you may feel stressed, if it is organized and well-designed or spa-like, you may feel at peace, uplifted even.

How to make your bathroom spa-like

When decorating or remodeling your bathroom, it is essential to think of the way you want it to function and look.

Lighting can play a very influential role in the decor and atmosphere.

Consider dimmer switches and statement fixtures.

Paint colors enhance mood and lighting.

High gloss paint and colors like white, cerulean blue, creams, or grays are best.

Toilets and showers can play an important role in the functionality.

Glass and stonework for the shower make the room more luxurious.

But one of the most important things in the bathroom is the vanity.

The Blossom bathroom vanity gives you a place to store all the things you will need to keep up with your hygiene and pamper yourself while tying the room together.

If you are looking for a more modern or floral theme, check out Blossom bathroom vanities.

For a sleek look, try a floating vanity in white or wood tones.

Finding the right vanity for you

To find the perfect vanity, you have to think about the colors, style, and space you have.

Think about how you will be using it — do you need storage, counter space, double sinks, etc.

Measure the area you plan to put it — width, height, and depth.

Do not forget to account for doors that swing inward, the shower area, flow of traffic, and where the toilet will be.

If you cannot decide where to put the vanity, try using a box to help you visualize the spaces it could go.

Look for a vanity that will blend with or contrast your color scheme.

Decide what materials you are going to want for the vanity, and what type of sink you will be installing.

Remember, the vanity, one of the biggest things that ties the bathroom’s decor together and makes it more functional.

A great vanity will leave a lasting impression when combined with your other decor.

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