How to Maintain a Kiddie Pool


Kiddie pools can provide countless hours of fun for any child. They are the perfect addition to any child’s summer, and chances are, they will remember moments in the pool for the rest of their lives. Considering the kiddie pools are an essential part of your child’s life, you have to understand that there is maintenance involved to keep your child safe throughout the summer. If you are unsure how to clean a kiddie pool, do not worry, we have you covered with the information below.

There are plenty of different ways to use a kiddie pool; depending on how you decide to utilize that space, you consider when you choose to clean it. If you choose to turn a kiddie pool into a small ball pit by using some of Funboy’s Ball Pit balls, you should take steps to understand how to sanitize it properly.

Stay Away From Bleach

You may think that cleaning germs and removing the potential for the spreading of germs. You’d have to use chemicals like bleach. However, you are mistaken in the case of kiddie pools. It is encouraged by experts that you use more natural methods to clean out your pool. You should only use a minimal amount of product, and making sure it is entirely out of the pool could be a problem. Be sure to thoroughly rinse out any excess cleaning product so it won’t touch any exposed skin.

Do Not Leave Any Water Overnight

Unfortunately, it is discouraged for you to leave any water in any kiddie pool overnight. You should clean out the kiddie pool after each use. While it may seem somewhat excessive to clean out your pool every time you use it, you could potentially extend the life of your pool instead of having to toss it out after a couple of uses. Prolonging your investment could save you from having to replace your pool multiple times.

How to Clean Your Pool

Once you understand that you have to clean your pool regularly, you may want to know what supplies you should use to keep it clean. Be sure you have a bucket, soap, water, and a sponge on hand because that is technically all you need to keep your pool clean and fresh throughout the summer season. Once you drain all the excess water from the pool, you can begin the cleaning process. Next, you are going to need to fill the bucket with water. Be sure to add a small amount of soap and swirl it around. Dip your sponge into your soapy water and swirl it around.  Make sure you get a healthy amount of soap and water on your sponge. Take the sponge to your kiddie pool and make sure you scrub every inch of the pool. Once you have a healthy amount of suds and water on your pool, you can rinse it off with water.

While some believe that it is safe to leave a pool with water overnight, any excess water must be drained. Unfortunately, pools of water could be potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes to reproduce and wreak havoc on any yard. That is something you do not want to remember years down the line about a potentially perfect summer.

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