How to Keep Your Office Looking Fresh with Carpet Washing Service

Most offices these days have carpeting on the floors since they are aesthetic, acoustically advantageous, have great insulating properties and are also very safe. Carpeted flooring, although common, is very versatile since it can come in so many different colours and textures that suit the atmosphere of the existing office design. Carpeted flooring also screams classy and luxurious. 

However, the main issue with carpeted flooring is that it can get dirty extremely easily. An office is a space that brings in large amounts of footfall from the outside and is prone to a lot of food, drinks and other materials that may spill onto the floor. These can cause discolouration and staining on the carpet and if left unattended, can become permanent. 

What are Some of the Hazards of Unclean Carpets?

  • Bad air quality from dust accumulation on carpets can cause lung infections, allergies and other health hazards.
  • Messy carpets leave a bad impression on visitors.
  • Messy carpets invite bacteria, fungus and insects. 
  • Dirty carpets can reduce productivity since working in a messy environment can be demotivating. 

Carpet Cleaning – What and How to Do it?

Carpets and Rugs can be cleaned either manually or professionally. Carpet cleaning does require a certain amount of time and patience to ensure its effectiveness. After carpets are cleaned, they will be restored to their original condition and look as good as new!

Manual Carpet Cleaning

There are different ways in which carpets and mugs can be cleaned manually, and they depend on one carpet to another. Different stains require different methods of cleaning. 

  •  Dust: It can be removed with the use of vacuum cleaners. Another way of dusting a rug is that it can get taken outside to a well-ventilated area and hit with a stick or rod so that the dust particles can jump out. 
  • Ink or alcohol stains: These types of stains can be removed with regular water and detergent. This method is usually used for small stains and in specific areas. The water and soap can be slowly rubbed until the stain disappears. 
  • Food and drink stains: Since these types of stains are more permanent, they need the use of chemicals such as rubbing alcohol, baking soda or other types of chemicals available in grocery stores to remove.

Should you DIY Carpet Cleaning? 

While cleaning carpets and rugs are the cheaper option, there are many reasons as to why it would not be effective if you did it yourself. 

  •  Effectiveness – Cleaning the carpets and rugs yourself may not produce a fully cleaned carpet since manually doing it does not produce assured results. 
  •  Time – The amount of time and effort spent on cleaning carpets takes much longer than expected and requires patience. 
  •  Convenience/ Hassle – Carpet cleaning can only be done when it’s convenient for you or when you have time and finding this specific time where you have the time and energy to do it is quite inconvenient. The ideal number of times to clean carpets is at least once every few months and even this may be too much of a hassle for some people. 
  • Unnecessary Expenditure – To clean carpets and rugs, you will require some kinds of equipment, cleaning materials and more which you will only be using once or twice a year depending upon the time you have. These materials and equipment will ultimately be underused and go to waste. 

Hence, the best possible solution for carpet cleaning is getting it done professionally. Fortunately, carpet washing service is an extremely common service that is available and will take care of all your carpet needs! 

Carpet Washing Services – Why is Outsourcing Better? 

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Almost all professional carpet washing cleaners use a variety of methods, equipment and material to clean carpets. Their work is extremely thorough and ensures extremely good results. There are many different advantages to getting it done, let’s compare the same to manual carpet cleaning and see how the two stand! 

  •  Effectiveness: Carpet Washing services make sure to produce great results. Since they are very skilled and knowledgeable in their work, they make sure the carpet is revived back to its original state. 
  •  Time: Professional carpet cleaning can be done according to your schedule and they will also complete the work in the time required of them. They work very quickly and efficiently. 
  •  Convenience/ Hassle: Since the cleaning will be done according to your required time, the cleaners will be completely out of your hair. When left to their devices, they’ll do the needful without any interruptions. You won’t even have to lift a finger. You can specifically arrange for it on days where you won’t be using the space, and allow them to work continuously and finish it! 
  • Expenditure: Carpet Washing Service providers will specifically get all the materials and equipment necessary to clean it thoroughly. Hence you will only have to spend money on the service and materials as a whole. 
  •  Worth: An added advantage of getting professional carpet washing is that the whole process is extremely worth it. Cleaners will make sure your carpet is spotless and will do an extremely effective job, one that will stay clean for a very long time afterwards. Hence you can get it cleaned again much into the future. You also will not have to do any work, sweat it out or stress out about your messy carpet because they have got you covered. You truly get your money’s worth. 

What’s the Process of Professional Carpet Washing Service?

  • First, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove any kind of dirt on or embedded within the carpet’s fibres. 
  • Any specific stains will be treated using spot cleaning methods. This pew-treatment method will loosen up the stain to be removed in the next process. 
  • Using specialised machinery, the carpet is cleaned using shampoo and extraction. Water and shampoo mixture is pressed into the carpet which cleans the fibres in and out. The extraction machines suck the dirty water out. 

Here are some tips on getting a carpet washing service! 

  • Make sure you bring professionals to clean your carpet at least once in a few months so your carpet clotting can be spotless throughout the year. 
  • If you don’t want to spend too much money at once, get the areas with higher footfall and those which are more publicly cleaned more often than others that don’t require frequent cleaning. 
  • Choose a specific cleaning time that works for you and the cleaners, so that neither you nor they are interrupted while doing the work. 

When you hire a carpet washing service to make your carpeted floors spotless clean again, you are making the right choice. The process just involves booking an appointment, scheduling the time you’ll want it done and then watch your carpet be cleaned to perfection! Professional carpet washing and cleaning will guarantee you amazing results and which is done in no time!