How to Keep Thieves from Raiding Your Garage


Your garage door is one of the most important components of your home. If it’s a new model residential overhead door, it not only adds curb appeal, but it can add value to your property. It’s also useful as a security barrier for keeping thieves out and your valuables in. That’s why when it comes to repairing or installing a garage door in the 2020s, you need to hire a professional.

What should you look for in a professional garage door repair service? Says the pros at Your Garage Door Guys, look for an outfit that provides a wide range of services for both the commercial and residential markets. The team should consist of highly trained garage door professionals who are certified to work on driveway gates, garage door openers, and more. They are also experienced at replacing old doors and installing new, more secure models.

Security is of the utmost importance these days with rampant crime and very little punishment. According to a new report by Forbes Home, burglars have been on a mission over the last few years. Their objective? To get in and out of your home as fast and efficiently as possible. About 35 percent of the time, they will select your home’s front door as a main point of entry.

However, if the front door isn’t accessible due to CCTV camera installation or a digital doorbell system, they will usually go for the garage door as their point of entry. It’s possible they wish to enter the main residence or perhaps they just wish to raid the garage of its expensive wood working tools and landscaping equipment. They could have their eye on your mountain bike or even your car.

Whatever the case, installing a secure garage door should be considered a top priority when it comes to securing your entire home. That said, here are some of the ways you can keep thieves from raiding your garage.

Garage Door Windows Obscured with Tinted Window Film

A thief is said to be more reluctant to break into your garage if he can’t see anything of value that’s stored behind the door. This is where tinted security film comes in. The easy-to-install laminated polyester film will instantly bond to your garage door windows. It serves to obstruct the would-be burglar’s view while allowing sunlight to enter the space. The film is also engineered to make windows more difficult to shatter.

Don’t Freely Give Out your Keypad Security Code

These days, lots of homes use security keypads for entry. But if the code gets out, your entire home will be at risk. This means you should treat the password like you would a bank account pin code which you would naturally keep to yourself.

If you feel you need to share the password with someone who isn’t a part of your household, such as your landscaper, make sure you change it once the work is done. Even if no one outside the household is aware of the code, it is suggested that you should change it every six months just to be on the safe side anyway.

Conceal Your Remote-Control Device

Use your imagination when it comes to hiding the garage door remote control opener device. Instead of storing it over your vehicle’s visor or the glove box, try a different, unique place. Thieves understand the car is the first place to look for a garage door remote. Therefore, think of some places you can store it outside the vehicle, such as your briefcase or pocketbook. One thing is for sure, don’t leave the remote in your car while it’s parked in the driveway.

You can also upgrade the existing remote to a “universal remote” which you can store on your keychain. This way there’s no need for carrying around a bulky device or feel the need to switch with a door opener that contains smart tech. You simply use your phone to open and close your garage door. Even if you forget to close it, you can do so from a remote location.

Many garage door openers now also come with timers so you can program it to open and close automatically at a specific time of day or night. Keep in mind most burglaries occur during the day when everyone is out of the house, or so states the National Council for Home Safety and Security.

The garage door of the 2020s is no longer the same overhead door your father or grandfather used. In the modern world it not only looks stunning, adding significant value to your home, it can also be used as a first line of defense against intruders.

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