How to Install Hinges on Cabinet Doors


From the kitchen cabinets to the room ones, the hinges are what keeps your doors in place. But if the placement of the hinges is not right, your door will not lock properly!

No matter if you are planning to change the hinges to ensure the perfect lock or to come up with some change in your room, hinges changing can be complicated and expensive.

If you plan something easy on your wallet, you can install the hinges of the kitchen or room cabinets alone. All you need is a friend to help you, and that’s all! Let us know how to install hinges on the cabinet without any professional help!

Step by Step Guide for Installing Cabinet Door Hinges

If you are tired of the previous hinges that do not keep your door stable, you can check out the method of installing new hinges.

Here, we will tell you how to install new hinges on old cabinet doors and even new cabinets! Have a look and do your work on your own!

Step 1: Put off the Old Hinges

First of all, you have to take out the old hinges from the cabinets. Do it with the help of the gears and then take the door away.

Lift the doors so that you can work with the new hinges! Now, take a dowel in your hands, and with this, you have to fill the old screw.

You have to fill each hole with each dowel. Make sure the dowels are small to fit. After you are done, you have to trim the surface flush to give it a finishing.

Step 2: Wait for it

When you are done with this, wait for some time. You cannot start the work process immediately after using the glue.

If the glue is not dried correctly, you will not add anything else with it. So, take time and wait for it to get dried.

Step 3: Sand the Area

After you have dried it completely, you have to sand the area. Keep sanding it. There will be a time when the area will be smooth and then stop sanding. Now, it is time to attach the new hardware to the area.

But if you have plans to paint the area or you want to refinish it, you can give a break to the new hardware and do. If you do not have such work, move to add new hardware.

Step 4: Take Measurements

Choosing the right hinge is necessary. If you have a traditional door, you can use regular hinges. However, if you use soft close cabinet hinges, you will never listen to any slam when someone closes the door!

After you choose it, ensure that the top and the bottom part of the hinges, aligns with the edges of the cabinet door.

In this way, you can take measurements and make the accurate spacing for the door to move. Take a pencil on your hand and mark the placement of the hinges.

After doing this, you have to find the top’s center to the bottom area and mar it. If you need, you can mark the placement of the third hinge too.

Step 5: Screw the First Drills

There are screwing drill bits available in the market. Get one of them and drill the marked positions. Now that you are done take the screws and screw it into the doors!

Step 6: Clamp the Edges

After this, you have to know where you are going to install the cabinets. For this, measure this.

In this case, you Soft Close Cabinet Hinges will need a large level across the base or bottom part of the door.

Consequently, you will get to know the horizontal alignment. If you want a temporary placement mark for it, you can rely on clamping a straight-edges board with the line marking it.

Step 7: Search for the Holes

When you are done, you have to let the doors rest there. In this situation, your work is to take a look at the guide holes and mark them. After marking, you have to screw the cabinet hinges in their right positions.

Note: You will see that your doors are not meeting in the center closed placement in cases. If this happens, you have to come up with a piece of scrap wood.

Take it and cut it down. The wood pieces’ measurement will be just like the width of the space required between the closed cabinet doors!

The work of this is making the doors meet in the center so that they can get closed! Now, you can cut down the scrap wood into two pieces of equal width and length.

Add them up with both of the doors. This will ensure even spacing along with the perfect closure!

Step 8: Mark the Second Screw Holes

Take both of the cabinet doors in its right place and then find the screw hole locations. These locations will be precisely on the face of the cabinet. Take a pencil and mark the positions.

Step 9: Align the Doors

Keep the cabinet doors away now and drill new holes in the marked locations. With the drill machine, go for perfect screw holes.

Now that you are done, you have to set the doors again. Take them and stand them on the clamped straight edge.

The hinge holes should be aligned and screw the doors. Make sure that you are screwing the doors into the right place!

Step 10: Take Help

If you are doing this at home without any other professional help, you should always keep a person beside you that can help you.

You cannot do the work alone because the work may be too difficult for you. The person can hold your cabinets and make your job more comfortable than before!

Wrap Up

So, if you are a DIY lover and want to install the cabinet hinges alone, check the method out! We have talked about the easiest way of installing hinges.

If you know other ways about how to install hinges on cabinet doors, you can share it with us too! Comment below if you are facing any problem while installing them, we will try our best to solve it!

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