How to Install a Door Lock


People install new door locks immediately after moving into a new home to guarantee their household’s safety. Upgrading the lock on the front door increases the home’s curb appeal, but how the installation is done determines functionality. Hiring a mobile locksmith is the surefire way to get operable locks in a house.

Replacing locksets isn’t rocket science. Anyone can complete the installation with ease. Check out and read a guide on quickly replacing home locks like a pro. Here are more pointers your mobile locksmith may suggest:

Get the Measurements Right

Whether replacing an old lock or installing one on a new door, ensuring the lockset fits is invaluable. Locksets are not made to be the same, so there’s no assurance that new locks will match existing holes. Drilling the correct door hole dimensions makes installing the new lock relatively seamless.

To ensure a matching size for the lockset, here’s how to handle measurements:

  • Measure the current holes’ diameter and adjust it to match the dimensions of the new lock. The adjustments should be gradual to end up with the perfect hole size.
  • Carefully measure the setback — the distance from the door’s edge to the center of the hole — to secure a deadbolt that’s a perfect fit.
  • Ensure that the hole sizes are even on the interior and the exterior for the lock to fit flush on the door’s surface.

The new lock should fit snugly into the hole to make the installation less challenging. One shouldn’t go overboard when enlarging existing holes to avoid shaky locks. Loosely-fit locks pose a security challenge.

Pro Tip: Frame thickness on most old doors can be a problem, but the perfect fix is using a custom-cut plate. Experts should handle all door lock adjustments to avoid costly mistakes.

Match Locks With Keys

Keys are unique to specific locksets, so it would be a total bummer if one misplaces them when installing the lock. To fix this, it’s priceless to match locksets with their respective keys.

Confirming that the lockset works before installing it helps avoid re-doing the work. One should ensure the lock has adequate keys for the whole household by sourcing similar ones from the manufacturer. They should note the current lock brand and order a key match using the code on the package.

Trying the Lock Before Screwing It in Place

The lockset is a combination of several parts which have to link properly for a functional lock. Trying the lock before screwing it guarantees the lockset will work well after installation.

Trials before permanent lock installation have perks like avoiding time wastage from wrongly linked parts. It also ascertains the proper completion of prerequisite processes like lock assembly. One should screw the door’s knob to the plate only after they’re sure it will work.

Give the Lockset a Test Run

The lockset installation process is incomplete unless the lock and deadbolt function correctly. After firmly screwing the lock in place, a test run is vital to verify that everything works perfectly.

One can conduct a test run on the lockset by:

  • Inserting the key on the lock and turning it severally to certify that it works
  • Opening and closing the door to confirm that the knob turns smoothly
  • Checking that the door latch aligns with the lockset’s strike plate to accommodate the door jamb comfortably

Work With a Mobile Locksmith

Installing a door lock has its complexities. Actions like aligning the strike plate to the doorjamb require expertise in the field. Working with a mobile locksmith ensures the lockset installation is done right the first time.

Your trusted neighborhood locksmith will ensure the installation is error-free for extra security at home. Should one run into any problems with the locks, the experts will offer prompt on-site assistance.


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