How to improve your kitchen without fully renovating – consider replacing kitchen doors


The kitchen is the main space of a house, as you spend most of the time here, whether to prepare delicious meals for your family or simply to chat with a friend as you have some tea together. Kitchens become outdated quicker than other rooms in your house and remodelling them can be pretty costly. Luckily, you don’t need a full renovation to give your kitchen a fresh look. Some small changes here and there can make a significant difference in your space.

While you might have an image of your dream kitchen in your head, your budget might not allow you to do a full remodel at the moment. Still, there are ways you can make the most of your space and make your kitchen inviting again.

Consider painting the walls

You can transform your space by adding some fresh paint to your walls. Even if you clean them regularly, walls can still get dirty pretty easily. Because of this, your kitchen may look dingy. You can give your space a new mood by simply changing the colour. If you have a white kitchen, you can consider changing to green or blue. Colourful kitchens are a trend these days.

Or if you feel bolder, you can try putting wallpaper on the walls. It can breathe new life into your room and also add energy to it.

Replace lightning

In most kitchens, lighting serves a functional purpose. However, it also influences style, so it might be one reason why your kitchen looks outdated.

Consider changing old light fixtures with updated ones. This can instantly give a fresh look to your kitchen. Adding extra lighting can also be a good idea, as many older kitchens have just one light source.  For instance, pendant lights can brighten up the space and thus, change the mood of the room.

Change flooring

People often disregard the importance of flooring in the kitchen. However, it matters more than one thinks. If the existing flooring makes your kitchen look old, consider changing the traditional linoleum or vinyl flooring with a timeless material, such as tile or wood.

Not only are they durable, but they can also increase the value of your house. Ceramic tiles that look like hardwood have also become a popular option in recent years.

Consider replacing your countertop and sink

One effective way of doing a kitchen makeover is upgrading the countertop. Both granite and quartz are excellent options to improve your kitchen, as they can make a significant difference. At the same, you’ll most likely have to update your sink.

For a contemporary touch, you can either opt for an undermount sink or a farmhouse one. The latter not only improve your kitchen’s aesthetics, but they are also very practical and ergonomic.

Update your cabinets

Cabinets are a central element of the kitchen. So, if you think the existing ones are outdated, it’s time to update them. You don’t necessarily have to buy new cabinets – replacing kitchen doors can be just as effective. And it is an excellent option for those who are looking for budget-friendly options. What’s more, you also get the chance to personalise them as you want.

Another practical way of updating your cabinets is painting them. You can change the dingy look of the existing cabinets by adding a modern black finish. Or you can pick a bold, vibrant blue. Colours can work wonders for your old cabinetry by turning shabby doors into lively ones.

Use decorative elements

You can bring your personality into your kitchen by adding decorative elements. Depending on your lifestyle, you can include artwork, plants or other decorative items. You can exhibit your valuable kitchenware by installing built-in shelving below your kitchen island.

Find a suitable spot to put a vase of flowers – this is a practical way of improving your kitchen, as it’s not at all expensive. You’ll be amazed how this small touch can change your kitchen by giving it a fresh look.  Adding decorative elements in the room will make a significant difference – experts say interior design affects your mood, so this can improve not only your kitchen, but your wellbeing too!

Upgrade kitchen storage

Clutter tends to pile up really quick in a kitchen. This can tremendously affect the look of the space. Set some time to sort out your cupboards and organise your kitchen items. Clearing your worktops is a quick and effective way of updating your kitchen – and it doesn’t cost you anything!

Consider looking for different storage solutions to get some extra space in the kitchen. For instance, you can purchase some decorative storage bins and put there the items you don’t use frequently instead of keeping them in your cabinets. You can also find wall storage solutions to keep countertops clear. There are different types of shelving – for instance, if you have angled walls, brackets can be a great option.

Corners and backside doors can also be turned into storage areas. If you struggle with organising your kitchen items, there’s no need to worry! You can look on specialty websites for storage ideas.

Use eco-friendly solutions

Green living isn’t only a way to protect the Earth, but also to protect yourself. According to WHO, there are 4.2 million deaths every year due to air pollution exposure. You might bring many toxic chemicals into your home without even realising it. However, eco-friendly solutions can turn your home into a veritable sanctuary.

You can lessen carbon footprint by upgrading your outdated kitchen appliances – and making them energy efficient. This will give your kitchen a contemporary look and you’ll also save energy and water. This isn’t only beneficial for the Earth, but also for your bills! Also, think about changing plumbing fixtures – low-flow faucets can save a great amount of water. After all, you shouldn’t make your kitchen makeover only about aesthetics – saving money and the Earth’s resources is also essential.

Final thoughts

Upgrading your kitchen is indeed a daunting task. Wanting to give your space an enjoyable look is only natural and it’s understandable that it can get pretty stressful – especially when you don’t want to spend too much money on the project.

However, there are practical ways to improve your kitchen without fully renovating it – and you don’t even have to compromise on style! Some simple changes, like painting the walls and adding some decorations can add value to your space.





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