How to improve your home with minor repairs

When thinking about improvements in a home, whether with the objective of enhancing the property in a future lease , or in search of a better quality of life in the home, most people tend to think about deep renovations, which demand a lot of time, money and all the stress associated with carrying out works or minor repairs at home.

The truth, however, is that you don’t have to go through any of this to get your house or apartment the way you want it.

Small repairs, which cost little and can be done more quickly, are an excellent option to improve a property quickly and practically. Now, how to invest in small repairs and, mainly, how to know what to do in these cases?

First, eliminate worries and all the work involved in obtaining quotes and checking professional references by relying on Fix. You just need to let us know what kind of service you are looking for and we will connect you with our providers. You will have detailed budgets available, without the need for a technical visit, which already guarantees cost and time savings.

Below, check out a step-by-step guide on how to invest in small home improvement to enhance an environment while spending little money.

What to do first when renovating the apartment?

Larger works initially require the execution of an architectural project for the structural analysis of the property since the renovation may involve, for example, the demolition of a wall, installation of plasterboard or renovation of the electrical or hydraulic network. However, in the case of minor repairs to the house, this measure is not necessary.

Thus, you will start from a more advantageous position, since you will not need to spend money on this professional and the work will also gain in agility, as an architectural project can take a few weeks to complete.

So what to do? Access Fix, make a repair request and wait for providers to contact you with a quote. Impossible to get any simpler than that.

After closing a deal with the professional of your choice, get in touch with him to guarantee the purchase of all the material that will be used before the start of the works.

With this, everything will be prepared from the first day of renovation, speeding up the process and allowing the work to be completed in a short time and the improvements in place.

Are small repairs expensive?

Some repairs can be expensive, but there are a number of small actions you can take to enhance your home even if your budget is tight.

At the outset, identify the rooms that deserve more attention. If you are a homeowner, give preference to repairs in the main room of the house, which is usually the one that draws the most attention from interested people. For example, you can replace the door knobs of your internal doors.

In addition, adjustments in the kitchen and bathroom can make a difference, as having these rooms in good repair shows the potential tenant that the place is ready to be inhabited quickly, without the need for construction.

On the other hand, if your goal is for repairs to increase your well-being in the apartment, focus on the rooms where you spend the most time. For example, for those who work from home, having a functional office with good aesthetics is crucial. If your hobby is cooking, some adjustments in the kitchen will make everything more pleasant and practical.

Where to start the apartment renovation?

When we talk about small home repairs, more important than knowing where to start is to have the notion that the house or apartment needs to remain functional and habitable during the days when the renovation is being carried out. That is, even if we are dealing with minor adjustments that won’t require widespread breakage, do the job in a way that ensures you can stay in place while the jobs are being carried out.

Some tips for organizing the work are valuable. The day before the work starts, leave everything prepared, such as covered furniture, especially sofas and armchairs, which can get very dirty depending on the type of repair that will be done. Also, predict if you will not be able to access the wardrobe for a few days and remove what you need in advance.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the order of the rooms in which the renovation will take place. For example, do not carry out work on all rooms in the house at the same time. With this, you will be able to occupy one of them to sleep and work while the renovation takes place in the other rooms of the house.

Another point is the so-called wet areas of the apartment – ​​kitchen and bathroom. Do not carry out repairs in these two rooms at the same time, as you may end up with no access to the sinks in the house, preventing, for example, basic actions such as brushing teeth and washing dishes.

Minor Repair Options to Improve Your Home

Here are some tips you can put into practice at home. One of the repairs that most enhances an environment is painting the walls , but a complete painting can take a few days and be expensive. How about betting on alternatives that consume less material and time?

Lately, painting of only half the wall has been quite in vogue, which gives a more modern touch to the room with half the expense for paint.

The same goes for wallpaper. It won’t be cheap to cover a wall with it, but applying it to just a portion of the wall brings color and movement to the room without weighing so much on your pocket.

A lot of people think that installing a wallpaper is something that can be done by anyone, but having a qualified Fix service provider ensures that the job will be error-free and you save time for more pleasurable activities.

In kitchen and bathroom, small repairs can make all the difference, especially for those who want to put the property for rent. A very quick and inexpensive measure is to install both 110 and 220 volt outlets in these locations. Don’t forget to use different colored frames to avoid the risk of burning any device.

Another low-cost idea is to use LED strips around the bathroom mirror and below kitchen cabinets. In both cases, this type of lighting improves visibility and, at the same time, manages to create a more intimate atmosphere in these rooms.

The options above, however, are just suggestions and tips for small home repairs that can give your environment another face. Your creativity and need will set the tone for what will be done at home. For any idea or demand that arises, Fix will be able to help you with high-level professionals and the most reliable application to close a deal and renovate your home directly on your cell phone.

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