How to Improve Your Curb Appeal With Exterior Home Renovations

Are you looking to redo your exterior home renovations and improve your curb appeal? Finding the perfect balance of stylish and functional redesigns can be difficult.

From upgrading your front door to picking the right window styles, we have all the tips that you need to know.

Read on for everything you need to know when it comes to improving your outdoor spaces.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. If painting the entire house is not on the budget, consider painting the shutters, door, and trim. A bright, cheerful, and neutral color can instantly make your home come alive.

Consider also painting the porch floor in color to add a welcoming and inviting aesthetic. Start by power washing the exterior and applying a primer. High-quality paint should last at least 10 years before needing a fresh coat.

Update Your Front Door

Replacing the existing door with a fresh new color or upgrading to a new style can make a dramatic difference. Consider a classic wooden door for a traditional feel, or switch to an all-glass door for an updated, modern look.

Installing hardware that reflects your individual style, like door handles and knockers, can also make a big impact.

Install New Windows

Not only does it provide a beautiful look and feel to your home from the outside, but it eliminates drafts that can cause high energy costs and can even improve the security of your home.

New windows are available in a variety of styles and types to fit any home. You should also consider installing window soffits to help keep your home pest free.

Add Outdoor Lighting

It can provide dramatic highlights and shadows, creating a magical ambiance on your property. Adding outdoor lighting can also help to make your home more secure, as the presence of well-placed lighting serves as a deterrent to prowlers.

There are many types of outdoor lighting to choose from, including string lights, decorative wall sconces, and halogen spotlights. Be sure to choose lighting fixtures that reflect your personality and your home’s overall style to make an even bigger statement.


Home landscaping is one of the best ways to improve curb appeal. Start by focusing on the front yard of your home. Clean up any overgrown bushes and trees, and fill any bare spots with the right plants and flowers.

Consider incorporating a retaining wall or edging of some type to add a bit of structure to the garden. Select native plants that are suited to your climate and soil, as they’ll require less maintenance and won’t be as susceptible to drought, frost, or drought-like conditions.

Upgrade Your Roof

A good quality, the well-installed roof can even save you money on energy costs. Before deciding on your new roof, you should research the durability and lifespan of different materials and consult a local contractor.

If your roof is quite old and worn, the cost of a new roof may be less than most people think.

Plan Your Exterior Home Renovations Today

Exterior home renovations can drastically increase the aesthetic of your home and add considerable value to your property. It’s important to choose the right materials and colors according to your home’s style and environment to achieve the best curb appeal.

Take the first step towards your exterior home renovation and start improving your curb appeal today!

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