How to Improve the Forgotten Areas in Your Home


Not every area of your home received the same level of attention when it was first constructed. As a result, some parts can be a little unloved and, in truth, underutilized compared to what’s possible. This is a real shame.

Here are some suggestions for how to improve the forgotten or neglected areas at home.

Upgrade the Balustrade

The balustrade or railings leading up the staircase might have been an inexpensive inclusion added both for safety and as an afterthought by the home designers. It might also have been a cost-cutting move at the time. In either case, an attractive timber balustrade makes a statement that might be currently missing.

When it comes to staircases, don’t miss the opportunity to make them grand or elevate their importance, at least from where they are today. The good people at can supply and fit some beautifully designed timber to create a balustrade that won’t likely ever be ignored again.

Under the Kitchen Counter

For kitchens that are distinctly lacking in countertop space, it’s always difficult to find a place for every small appliance that wants to take up space there. Especially larger ones like the microwave oven.

To free up the counter space food prep and to serve up sizzle hot food, consider adding under the counter appliances. These are smaller and sleeker and can maximize areas of the previously underutilized kitchen.

Making the Most of Corridors

When there is limited storage space or you have a particular pastime that’s expanding all over the property, then you need to get a little bit clever.

Corridors on an upper landing – or even on the ground floor – are way underused. Typically, we only do what’s expected with them… we walk through them. And that’s it!

It’s time to rethink that. If you’re a complete bookworm, perhaps part of the corridor could be turned into a long bookshelf for your classic and collectible books. An old CD collection when you’ve mostly switched to digital but cannot dare to parted with your discs could be similarly stored there. Get creative about how you could use the space without taking up too much of the corridor’s width.

Expand the Home Office

Many people are increasingly using a spare bedroom as a home office now.

However, what other uses are you putting the space to?

For instance, once storing the bed in the garage out of the way to make space, then the desk, chair, and other office equipment doesn’t require that much floor space. This leaves the rest of the former bedroom ripe to create a second usable space rather than leaving it empty.

Consider laying out a yoga mat or adding a recumbent bike to ride a few miles to keep fit in between working on projects. It will get your mind off the office work for a while. And it saves on a gym membership too.

Upgrade the Garden

The patio may be getting little attention and more could be done with it.

Think about how you’d like to use the outdoor space that you don’t feel it’s possible currently.

Perhaps a BBQ or a larger one than you presently own (that always feels too cramped) would upgrade your cooking skills at the grill? Or, if you like to sit out and relax in nature, then get some enlarged pot plants as fixtures around the patio area to give it a greener feel. This will have a calming effect and give you the breathing space from being indoors too often.

Maximize the Entrance

The entrance to a home typically only has a coat rack and not much else.

Instead, consider what you will find useful that’s right near the door. Either because you’re just walking in or because it’s most convenient to have it ready for when you next go out.

A coat rack is obvious, but shoe racks are less so. A mirror is helpful to double-check your appearance one last time before heading out. Having a plate or jar to drop your keys onto or into is also a great way to avoid losing them around the house again.

In Conclusion

When taking the time to think about it, there are likely plenty of areas that are forgotten. Which ones hold the most potential in your mind? Are there other ideas that get you excited to implement other than those suggested above? What could you do to brighten them up or increase an area’s usefulness? Or, would they be best used to expand out from an existing space that’s too enclosed and limiting?

Let your mind wander over these ideas. It is amazing what floats to the top of your consciousness when given the space and permission to do so. When fresh ideas to do come, write them down before they’re quickly forgotten. Then you have the next home project to get stuck into.

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