How To Hide Ugly Water Wells In Your Yard

Home owners living out in the country or in rural areas oftentimes do not have access to municipal water systems. Instead, water wells are drilled and well pumps are inserted in the wells to pump fresh water into the home via water pipes and a well pressure tank that pressurizes the entire system to help push the water throughout the homes’ interior.

Many homeowners are faced with the issue of how to hide the ugly metal well heads and well pressure tanks that oftentimes end up in the middle of the yard or in landscaped areas near the home.
Traditionally, home owners had a few options for disguising these ugly utilities:

  • Building a wooden or stone well house around the riser. This can be a decorative structure that blends in with the overall aesthetic of your landscape.
  • Planting tall grass or bushes around the riser to camouflage it.
  • Constructing a small retaining wall around the riser and planting flowers or other vegetation on top.
  • Incorporating the riser into a water feature such as a small pond or fountain.
  • Creating a raised garden bed around the riser and filling it with plants or flowers.

The main problem with any of the listed options is that they are all very labor intensive, requiring a substantial amount of planning and work.
Many homeowners want a faster and easier solution for hiding ugly water well heads and tanks in their yards.  Something easy to use, affordable and will add curb appeal to the home landscaping.
One company called DekoRRa manufactures fake rock covers specifically designed for hiding ugly well heads, well risers, pumps, and pressure tanks.

The hollow design of the DekoRRa nock rocks allows them to be simply flipped over the utility, and staked down at the edges to secure the artificial rock enclosure to the ground and protect it from the wind.
These fake rock covers are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors to match and blend in to many types of yard and garden landscaping.

It’s important to note that you should not bury the riser as it needs to be accessible for regular maintenance and inspections. It’s also suggested that homeowners consult with a local plumber to ensure that the water well pump motor is not mounted outside of the well shaft. If you change your mind and want to use the old well rather than hide it, read our guide on How to Make Use of an Old Well in the Yard.

Certain types of wells may require air flow, in which case the fake rock cover used to cover the well should be vented to allow for air flow so the well pump motor is allowed to cool and will not overheat.
In the long run, using fake rock covers to hide water well utilities in yard and garden areas is by far the easiest and fastest method homeowners can use.  And in many cases the realistic artificial rock enclosures actually add character and curb appeal to the yard.