How To Help The Environment At Home?


Whether you believe in climate change or not, the environment is being polluted, and we need something about that. Although governments and big organizations need to step in, we all share the responsibility to save our environment.

You can start with as simple as adopting a healthy lifestyle and become an eco-conscious person. By the way, the following ways to save the environment at home can be a lot easier on your wallet!

Read below to know about how to help the environment at home:

Eat smarter

Cut down your intake of beef and pork because of their food production process and bigger carbon foot-print. Cattle produce greenhouse harmful gases more than any other animals. So, the eco-friendliest diet is at least beef-free. Furthermore, one in every three Americans is now eating their own produced food, which reduces air and water pollution from the less usage of pesticides.

Carry your own packaging

Starbucks, on average, uses 8,000 paper cups per minute. That’s almost 4.2 billion cups each year. This is where your travel cup is a way to help the environment at home or a coffee shop. Also, avoid plastic bags at any cost. According to experts, an average plastic bag takes a thousand years to decompose. Bring along a disposable bag with you whenever you go to buy fruits and vegetables, and avoid extra packaging. If you’re more comfortable in buying packaged products, make sure the packaging is recyclable.

Recycle and reuse

It can be much convenient and cost-effected for you to reuse plastic bags and glass bottles. You can plant seeds in those free containers, or you can store nuts, rice, and other goods, which can save you money as well as become another way to save the environment at home.

Be energy efficient

Another tip for helping the environment at home is simply to turn off the electrical devices when you’re not using them. The next time you buy essential electrical devices/appliances, check if they’ve Energy Star Label. Modern appliances are considerably more energy-efficient than their previous counterparts. So try buying them when you upgrade your electrical appliances.

Another advantage of being energy efficient is that you’ll save money on your water bill, which can be quite high in cities like Phoenix (read more here).

Save water

Adopting water-efficient techniques is not only a great help to the environment at home, but it can also reduce your annual water bill. Not only this, by saving water, you can also lessen the cost and energy used in water-waste treatment plants.

Carpool and use fuel-efficient cars

Another most effective way to help the environment at home is by sharing a ride with your colleagues. Not only it helps you pass a miserable traffic hour, but it can also cut down the carbon dioxide gas emission. In this way, you would be saving tons of harmful gas emissions to help the environment, as burning one gallon of gas releases 20 pounds of CO2. Try replacing your car with fuel-efficient modern cars to save your wallet as well as the environment.

Look after pets

Before purchasing a pet, make sure you’re ready to look after it. Keeping a pet is a big responsibility, so don’t abandon your pets in the wild when you’re done with them; the local environment is heavily affected by the impact of feral pets.

Join an eco-conscious community

Get involved in your local environmental community group that is working to help the environment. Following are a few eco-friendly communities that are trying to make a difference:

  • Mongabay: this platform recognizes and encourages the organizations that have developed innovative methods to protect oceans, forests, and various other ecosystems.
  • Amazon Conservation Team: this group works with indigenous people to protect that amazon rainforest.
  • Health in Harmony: this team is also trying to protect the Borneo rainforest and provides health care to the local tribes.
  • Wild-Life-Direct: this community has developed a system to fund park conservation workers at multiple sites globally.
  • Community-supported agriculture: this firm brings local, eco-friendly, farm-fresh, and seasonal foods from local farms every week.

Spread the word

Educating others is most important if you want to save the environment at home. Educate your friends, family, and relatives, and tell them ways to help the environment at home.

Value the trees

Avoid excessive usage of toilet papers, paper towels, and tissues. For this, you don’t have to switch to leaves. All you need to do is purchase the recycled paper-made products or use sponges/cloths for cleaning purposes. Furthermore, whenever you buy wood products, like furniture, make sure the FSC or Forest Stewardship Council certified the products, which assure the products are made from responsibly managed forests.

Protect Rainforests

According to research, rainforests are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate of 80,000 acres per day. So, the responsibility lies in governments as well as on us to help the environment at home. How? By following the five simple steps.

  • Educate others about the dire need and ways to save the environment. Teach them how to help the environment at home and to save rainforests.
  • Restore our damaged ecosystem by planting more trees in places where forests have been destroyed.
  • Encourage people to adopt a lifestyle that doesn’t hurt the environment.
  • Create parks to protect wildlife and rainforests.
  • Support businesses that operate in eco-friendly ways that reduce mutilation to the environment.

Wrapping Up!

People think it’s quite a big task to save the planet. Instead, it is as easy as carrying your own bags to the shop or carpooling with your friends. If done by us collectively, these small changes will combine to make a huge impact on the environment, with our next generations cherishing our efforts and enjoying the fruits that we plant today.

No action is a small action, so adopt these new habits and save the environment.

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