How to Have Fun Golfing


While golf has a long history of being played by the elite, practically anyone can pick up a putter and hit the green. Yet even seasoned professionals may find the game stale at times. In order to spice the game up and make it more enjoyable, here are a few ways you can have fun while golfing.

1. Bring Friends

Golf can be a solitary game. Many golfers use Electric Golf Trolley that make their work simple. You can play against others, but the game is also about outdoing yourself. How can you improve your swing and accuracy to better your score this time around? However, playing by yourself can become boring quickly.

The fastest way to have fun golfing is to include others. This website is all about bringing golfers together and sharing their passion for the game. Finding other like-minded individuals is easy.

Golf is more enjoyable with your friends because you can make the game more competitive. Bet a few beers. Catch up with one another. When the game is over, you can relax at the clubhouse. Adding a social element to the game makes golfing immediately more enjoyable.

2. Try a Different Course

One reason you may be bored when you play golf is that the course is no longer challenging you. If you play the same course every time, then you’re inevitably going to become bored. You need a break.

Take the time to look into other golf courses around the area. You can always return to your first one later. Exploring other courses can offer up unique challenges that excite and entertain you. Perhaps there’s one hole that you just can’t master. Continue to challenge yourself until you’ve mastered that course as well. Then find a new one.

3. Add Betting

A little bit of gambling can make any game more exciting. It doesn’t always have to be about money either. It could be as simple as making the loser have to carry the equipment back to the cars when you’re done. Or making the loser pay for dinner.

Of course, you can always gamble with money, too, but that may just put a sour note on your friendship.

You can also find online tournaments in your area where gambling is happening. You can join those pots if you think luck is on your side.

4. Join Tournaments

Speaking of tournaments, it may be a good idea to join one yourself. You can find quite a few local tournaments by researching the activities that clubhouses host. They often like to host tourneys in order to bring new golfers and old back to their course.

If you think you have what it takes, then you should sign up for a local tournament. Playing a friendly game with your mates and playing in a tournament against rivals are two different animals. You may find that you love the competitive edge and drive that tournaments offer.

As a result, you may find a whole new reason to practice each season.

There are different tournaments that you can enter based on your skill level. You don’t have to worry about seasoned pros showing up to ruin the fun for everyone else.

5. Try Different Golfing Games

There are a ton of different golfing games that can make golf, itself, more enjoyable. One such game is called Alternative Shot or Foursomes. This is when you and your partner have to switch who hits the ball after every turn. You also decide who tees first on the even-numbered holes and who tees first on the odd-numbered holes.  You can even check out options like PutterBall as well.

You need four people to play the game. The other two will also alternate at every turn. This game can add a lot of spice to golfing because you have to rely on your partner to have a good game. Otherwise, you’ll lose.

Another popular golf game is Rabbit. In this game, whoever has the lowest score gets to capture the Rabbit. In the next rounds, if someone else gets the low score, then the Rabbit is set free. Another person has to win with a low score in order to capture the Rabbit again. This becomes a game of strategy as much as it is one of skill.

If you ever heard of the mobile game sensation Angry Birds, then you may be surprised to know there’s a golf game for that, too. Although it requires a special course, you may be able to DIY your own version. Basically, you need to use your golf balls to hit specific targets in order to earn points. The most points at the end of the game win.

This game is great for golfers who are looking for something different from standard golf games. It can also be adjusted based on your skill level. If you have kids with you, then they may also enjoy the game.

Enjoy Your Golfing and make sure you wear the right Golf Pants as well.

While golf, itself, can be a lot of fun when played with the right people, it can become a little dull. Try out these five ideas to bring a bit more fun to your game. You may just find a new favorite way to play golf.

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