How to Get Your Property Ready to List on the Market


Before you give your property to a realtor to list it, there are things you can do which help them do a great job for you. Their first impression isn’t something you can change – you get one shot at it. This is why it’s so important to do what you can to get your home in the best condition possible.

Here are some ideas on what to look at first.

Fix Obvious Issues That Potential Buyers Will Dislike

If there’s something that is so unfortunate that while you overlook it, buyers certainly won’t, then you’ll need to get that fixed. It might be the whole kitchen requires a Tulsa home remodel or it could be a broken piece of wood on the decking outside. Even a wobbly wash basin in one of the least used bathrooms isn’t worth leaving as it is.

If it’s obvious and it’ll get picked up in a survey or you feel duty-bound to advise potential buyers of the problem, then this means you should get it fixed. It will avoid headaches later and disappointment when negotiations start well but lead to a low-ball offer because of the problem.

Attend to the Curb Appeal

Potential visitors care about curb appeal. It’s not that difficult to attend to the front of the home to make it more appealing. When owning a house and not an apartment in a block, there’s considerably more you can do.

Have a friend come over or a neighbor look around the exterior of the property. See what they spot that you don’t. Advise them not to spare your feelings – you want them to tell you about the issues that they observe. See what they say and note any major issues.

Beyond that, look at the lawn and plant care. These are quick wins to tidy the garden area to make it more attractive. If there’s a porch, see if anything needs cleaning or repairing there too. The pathway, driveway and wall or gate around the front of the property could be eyesores. While you probably aren’t going to replace the driveway for something better, fixing missing bricks or getting the gates repainted is sensible.

Declutter the Home

Almost certainly, your home is very personalized with sentimental items and too much furniture. Whilst you don’t want rooms to feel spartan, they undoubtedly could be rearranged and decluttered to give the appearance that each living space is larger.

Give everything a deep clean too. Rent some professional cleaning equipment or call in a professional cleaning team to sweep the place top to bottom.

Make the Lighting Brighter

Changing the lighting fixtures might be too big a job, but you can probably use brighter light bulbs at least. If the windows are partially covered, adjust the blinds or curtains to let in more natural light. It will make the whole home feel more inviting.

It doesn’t take much to complete improvements, which will result in a more marketable home. That way, the first impression will always be better and larger offers should result too.

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