How to Get the Best Deals on Sporting Events


If you’re a sports buff, you can say without batting an eyelid that there’s nothing better than being at a live sporting event. Being there in person is a more memorable experience compared to watching on television. On the not so bright side though, attending a live sporting event can cost a pretty penny, especially if you pay for better seats in order to catch all the action.

A recent study revealed that American sports fans pay out approximately $56B annually at live sporting events. The study further revealed that an average American family of four ends up spending approximately $500 just to be present at a professional football game.

If you or your loved ones are getting concerned about the amount of money you spend at live games, don’t quit just yet. I’ve written this article so I can give you some handy tips that will save you some serious buck at live sporting events.  Here you go:

1. Make use of sports sponsored credit cards

One of the surest ways of getting massive bonuses and discounts is making use of sports sponsored credit cards. Check out those offered by NHL, NFL, MLB, and NASCAR. All these cards come with some amazing benefits, so it’s prudent to look into them so you can rack up some of those benefits.

2. Look into family nights

Another way in which you could enjoy amazing discounts is by checking out family nights. In addition to food and drinks, most ticket packages for family night games include discounted tickets when you buy at least 4 tickets. Luckily, many professional sports teams present a family night every once in a while, so you should call the ticket office of your favorite time and find out when they are having a family night.

3. Take the “nosebleed’ seats

The highest seats in the stadium, otherwise known as nosebleed seats, are the most affordable seats in the entire stadium. Unlike the front row seats, the nosebleeds are almost always available, and they usually come at discounted prices. If you’re on a budget and would like to be at the game rather than sitting on your couch watching the game, taking the nosebleed seats will let you enjoy the best of both worlds.

4. Search for online tickets

Another sure way of getting cheap seats is purchasing tickets online from third party vendors. When you look online, you’ll also find other fans who can’t make it to the game for one reason or another, and they will be willing to sell you their tickets at discounted prices. The secret is to wait until a few hours before the game to find the cheapest seats. To find cheap seats, you can explore sites such as StubHub, FlashSeats, eBay, Craigslist, and CheapTickets, among others.

If you are willing to wait until December to buy tickets, you could find yourself with extra savings. Gift cards go on sale in December, leaving you with an opportunity for a cheap gift or some more affordable family time.

5. Avoid the big games

Big games have lots of fanfare and excitement, which is why most people never want to miss them. But for someone who’s trying to save up, it’s best to skip the major rivalry games and go to those that many people prefer not to go to. Some cost-effective options include preseason games, rookie games, minor leagues, and college/high school sporting events. You can save the big games for home watching or better still, watch them at a bar with your friends. By avoiding the big games, you’ll not only save yourself some serious cash, but you will also avoid the crazy traffic that’s inherent to such games.

6. Talk to friends with season tickets

This is a hack that’s almost similar to the online tickets one. If you have friends who usually buy season tickets in pairs or groups, you ask them to hook you up with the ticket of the person who won’t make it to the game. A good friend will either swap the ticket for free, or he/she will ask for a small favor in return. Either way, you’ll have saved some cash out of the deal.

7. Ditch private transportation

By using your car to a game, you will not only have to spend money on gas, but you will also have to bear with parking fees. To save precious money, you need to consider public transportation as it’s cheaper. Furthermore, getting to the stadium via public means will save you the hassle of driving and parking, and you’ll be assured of getting home safe even after having a couple of drinks.

There are many different ways in which you can avoid overspending at a live sporting event. With a little planning ahead, you can manage to see the exhilarating action without breaking the bank.


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