How To Get Rid of Fleas on Your Pets


Fleas are a nuisance. These blood-sucking parasites not only hook up to your pet animals but lay eggs on the carpet, furniture, and other household items as well. Fleas tend to prefer four-legged hosts over humans. Therefore, if you have a pet animal that is infested with fleas, there are high chances that your house is as well. Fleas tend to be both agile and acrobatic. They can cover a significant distance is one jump, which allows them to escape easily.

Furthermore, fleas thrive in warm conditions. Even if the conditions are not ideal, fleas will not die, rather stay dormant and wait until the conditions become suitable. Therefore, the only way you are going to be able to get rid of fleas on your pets as well as in your house is if you follow the tips we have mentioned below.

Salt Flea Spray & Apple Cider Vinegar

Essential oils such as peppermint, citronella, and eucalyptus could be used to eliminate the flea problem. These are natural remedies but need to be carefully used as they can harm your pet if not diluted properly. Purchase a bottle of essential oil from your local store and dilute it with water. Then, rub it directly onto the dog’s coat. If you have a home-made essential oil solution, do not use it on your pet animal unless it is already tried and tested. You would not want to add to your troubles in case a reaction occurs.

The best thing about apple cider vinegar apart from being a natural remedy is that it balances the pH levels of your dog, which creates a perfectly healthy living environment for your pet animal but an unsustainable one for fleas. To make a solution, dilute six cups of apple cider vinegar with four cups of water. Then, add a bit of sea salt. Once, the mixture is created, spray it directly on your dog avoiding its eyes.

Lemon Bath

Lemon Bath

Lemon bath is another great natural remedy for your flea-infested pet. Not only will it keep your pet animal free of fleas but also keep it smelling fresh and healthy. Making a lemon solution is as easy as it could get. Grab yourself some lemons and squeeze them in two cups of water. Then, add some shampoo or pet-friendly soap to make it a natural solution. Give your pet a thorough bath and rinse the solution off.

Lather Bath

Many pet owners are not aware that a lather bath could help your pet animal get rid of fleas. Purchase any pet-friendly shampoo or soap that produces lather and rub it in your pet animal. Allow the lather to remain on your pet animal for a while. The lather is supposed to suffocate the fleas until they are dead. You can try the lather bath remedy before you proceed with applying essential oil solutions. It is a beginner remedy that is known to work but if it doesn’t, move on to other solutions.

Rosemary Dip

Animals particularly dogs love to play in the water. If your pet animal enjoys splashing water around, then a rosemary dip may sound like fun instead of a flea remedy. Purchase rosemary leaves and steep them in boiling water. After a while, strain the mixture and dilute it using warm water. Allow the solution/mixture to reach an appropriate temperature for application. Once it does, apply the solution to your pet animal and allow it to naturally dry.

Neem Oil

When it comes to treating flea-infested animals, neem oil has remained an underestimated remedy. It is a multi-purpose oil that not only acts to get rid of fleas but helps improve the overall health of the animal as well. Therefore, if you were to get your hands on organic neem oil, you can apply it directly to your pet animal or mix it with a pet-friendly shampoo to make a solution. Neem creates an unfavorable environment for fleas. It is also one of the things that fleas cannot stand. Therefore, a win-win situation in every aspect.

Coconut Oil Rub

Coconut Oil Rub

Coconut oil is known to possess a plethora of healthy nutrients. In addition to that, it also contains antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties that will instantly help your pet animal get rid of fleas but that is not it. Coconut oil is an excellent source for improving hair health. Humans apply it to make their hair shiny and healthy. The same applies to pet animals as well. If you were to apply it over your dog, the coat shall become shiny and odorless. Due to the existence of flea preventing properties, your pet animal is going to remain flea-free during warm seasons.

Collars & Combs

Cedar Oil or Lavender Oil Flea Collar

An ingenious way of helping your pet animal get rid of fleas is by using flea-repelling collars. Making a flee-repelling collar at home is not rocket science and the best thing is that you do not have to rub anything on your pet animal. Simply purchase a bandana or a collar and make a solution of lavender or cedar oil by diluting it with water. Apply the solution directly to the collar/bandana and make your pet animal wear it.

Flea Comb

If you have furry pet animals, you must have multiple flea combs at your disposal. Readily available at any local store, you could use it to help your pet animal get rid of fleas instantly. Flea combs do not consist of chemicals, instead, they are designed in a way that allows them to remove fleas and their eggs while you comb through the animal’s coat. Before trying out other solutions, we would recommend using a flea comb. It will surely help you eliminate the flea problem.

Final Word

The first telltale sign of flea infestation is your pet animal scratching itself continuously. Initially, it might be hard to detect but do not worry, you can eradicate them easily using the solutions above. As important it is to help your pet animal get rid of fleas, make sure that your house is flea-free as well. Regularly vacuum your house and inspect your pet animal. Every once in a while, give it a bath containing essential oils to prevent fleas. Remember to treat your pet, house, and yard at the same time. If the fleas are all over the house, treating your pet only will not help.

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