How to Get Help with Moving Furniture?


Whether you are shifting to a place or just rearranging your home, moving the furniture can be a challenging job.

However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to move your furniture. In this post, our experts have mentioned some of the best ways you can move furniture without any issues.

So, keep reading till the end to know all about this.

How to Get Help with Moving Furniture?

We will discuss the best moving tips to ease your moving furniture process.

1. Carry the Tall Furniture Low and High

Tall dressers, filing cabinets, and shelving are challenging to move. However, you can make it a dual job. So, you can tip the furniture backward, one person carrying the top and the other carrying the bottom. This balances the weight and prevents swaying. Transporting the object along the stairs is also easier because the carrying angle matches the stair slope as well.

2. Moving Your Couch

It isn’t easy to transfer a couch horizontally, especially when you have a hallway and it’s connected to a room. So, in that case, you can place your couch at the end and then slide it to your doorway. In this way, you can always fit through the door. However, if it’s taller than the opening of your door, then you can start from the top of the door.

3. Straps for Carrying Furniture

Straps can be another option for carrying your furniture. However, it wouldn’t be a good idea to carry this task on your own as this can be challenging, and you may injure yourself during the process. So, it’s always recommended that you consult with any moving furniture service providers as they can help you with the best solution.

4. Don’t Slide or Drag the Furniture

Furniture slides come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, you can use plastic container lids, carpet scraps, or even bed sheets to make your furniture moving slide. These slides will not only save your time but will also make the moving procedure easy.

5. Protect Your Furniture With Plastic and Blankets

Moving blankets secure both your belongings and your home. You can protect your valuable furniture from scratches and dents by wrapping them with blankets. This will easily absorb any kind of damage to the finishing. So, with this simple method, you can save your furniture from getting ruined while shifting.

6. Fold the Spring Box

If your box spring is too big for a stairway, then you can either purchase a “split” box spring or fold your box spring to fit.

There’s an effective technique to fold the box spring without damaging it. All you need to do is remove the cloth covering and set your box spring facing down.

Afterward, fold the frame in such a way that it shifts to the right or left of your center crosspiece. Now you can easily move your box spring.

However, you can use a strap to prevent it from popping. You can also use a fabric cloth to tighten it as well.

7. Remove the Back of Your Recliner

Inside or outside the back frame, look for the back brackets and put them in place. Lift the locking levers on both sides and then slowly slide the back to separate it from your recliner. However, you always need to ensure that the footrest doesn’t move in anyways possible.

8. Arranging the Sofa

Take the feet off of your sofa when you’re moving it into your house. You can make it smaller by doing this. Moreover, make any piece of furniture lighter or sleeker according to your needs.

You can simply do this by taking off the drawers, knobs, legs, and even the racks. This will make your overall moving pretty simple, and you also won’t need to worry about getting your sofa damaged in any way possible.

9. Make a Sling for Your Mattress

It’s difficult to move a floppy and hard mattress. The reason is the handles on the mattresses aren’t for carrying. Moreover, they are also not particularly strong, as they’re designed to assist you in positioning the mattress.

So, to carry your mattress, you need to make a simple sling rope. After that, rope the handles of the mattress. When you have made a strong grip on your mattress handles, you can carefully move your mattress according to your need.

Bottom Line

Moving to a new state may seem frustrating because moving all your belongings along with the furniture can be a headache. However, if you follow all the tips and ways mentioned above, you can easily move your furniture. To make things easier, you can also take help from professionals and expert service providers. They will ensure that your furniture remains well and moving is also done perfectly. Moving can be such a pain and it requires unpacking, organizing your kitchen and even organizing shoes once they are in the closet.

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