How to Get a Great Quote for Your House Painting Project


Getting quotes and estimates is a crucial part of starting your house painting project. When shopping for a painting contractor, you may notice there are huge discrepancies in quoted prices.

Different companies will give varying quotes based on several factors that you can check on However, comparing the dollar value of the quotes is not the only thing that you have to do. You should also know how to get the best value for your money.

Why Do Painting Estimates Differ?

The nature of the property, the size, and the scope of work required determines what is included in a proposal.

The cost of the materials to be used is also a determinant. Besides this, how the homeowner describes what needs to be done and their expectations also play an important factor.

It is important to note that any inconsistencies in your description will bring discrepancies.

To avoid a huge difference in the proposals given, as a homeowner, you should be specific in your requirements. Understand the process of each contractor and hire based on this.

For example, how will the contractor prepare the surface? Which materials will they be using? What is the quality of the materials and their estimated timeline? Also, what type of guarantees and warranties are provided?

When this is factored in, it will be easier to compare proposals.

What Can Be Done To Avoid Painting Proposal Discrepancies

Keep in mind that varying job description brings discrepancies. As such, there are few ways you can avoid this. It will help in the easy comparison of proposals.

The first thing to do is to ensure the job description is standard between all companies when seeking quotes. You can talk to the contractor as they note it down, or write it in advance to make sure everything is included.

You should also walk around the property with the painter so they can understand the scope of work exactly.

What Should You Look For In a House Painting Proposal?

Whether you are looking for an interior or exterior house painting quote, some things are a must to consider. These are important points to look for.

Executive Summary

A credited company has an executive summary section in the proposal. This details its specialties, licensing, credentials, and insurance.

This is also where you can get the company’s email, working hours, physical address, and website. Most of the company’s information is found in the executive summary.

In this section of the proposal, you can tell whether the contractor meets the requirements or not.

Details of the Painting Project

The scope of the work should be detailed in this section. A description of the entire project is indicated here.

If several rooms need to be painted, this should be included. Also, types of surfaces, any repairs to be done, the total square footage to be painted, and wall treatments needed.

Remember that if there are areas with mold, mildew, and damp spots, they should be treated before painting. It is about what you want done to ensure you enhance the curb appeal of your property.

This is an important section that determines the outcome of the project. A good contractor will also indicate what is included and excluded in the proposal.

The Products to Be Used

The contractor will use different types of products to complete the project. This includes types of paints, finish, primers, and stains (if required).

It also details the equipment that the house painters will be using. These could include ladders, paint brushes, rollers, and drop clothes among others.

This is the section that gives an insight into what to expect until the project is completed.

Cost Estimate of the Project

You already have a budget that you are working with or you are trying to figure out. This is where you get to know whether the proposal is within your budget or not.

Do not just look at the cost estimates, instead, go through the executive summary, job description, and products to be used. This will make it easier to tell if the work is worth the cost.

Costs should be detailed for better understanding. For example, gallons / litres of paint needed and primers among others. The list can help you understand what is missing.

Since you should be comparing at least 3 proposals, check if there are huge discrepancies. Talk to the contractors to find out why they are expensive or cheap.

If they have the relevant job description and everything is included, and the prices have a huge difference, get to understand why.

What to Do When the Contractor Gives Recommendations

It is necessary to discuss the description of the job before getting proposals. This is to ensure your interests are covered with all the details included.

Some contractors tend to recommend things that are not in your initial job description.

There are two reasons for this. One is you might have forgotten something important to complete the project, while others just want to milk money from you.

You need to consider whether what they are recommending is necessary or not. If it is not, resist the suggestion and stick to your plan.

Evaluating the Proposal

Evaluating a house painting proposal is not something to take lightly. It must be evaluated keenly as this is one way to prevent contractors from cutting corners.

Go through the executive summary to learn more about the bidder and look at the job description to see if it meets your requirements. Additionally, check on the products that will be used and also the cost estimates.

You do not want to review the proposal in the middle of the project because of a simple mistake. When giving a description, do not feel as if you are asking for too much. After all, it is what you believe will boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.


Evaluating a house painting proposal is essential in ensuring the project is successful. Going through several of them before settling on one is an excellent step in meeting your expectations.

It should be as detailed as you would want it to be and in a way that does not leave many questions unanswered. This is how you can understand the approach of each contractor.

Regardless of whether you need an interior or exterior painting job done, evaluating the proposals is necessary. Keep in mind that you need a quality experience painter to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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