How to Find the Right Gas Grill Models for your Home?


It’s summer again, and this is the perfect time for enjoying a nice afternoon with your family and friends. You can have some grilled chicken, red wine or a few beers and enjoy a lazy afternoon. Grilled chicken can be bought from a local restaurant, but it’s much more enjoyable to cook it in your backyard.

However, to make sumptuous grilled BBQ food, you need to have the correct gas grill. You will come across hundreds of gas grills that offer unique features and accessories and work on different types of fuel like propane and natural gas. All this makes the Best budget gas grill buying process complex for a regular buyer. So to simplify the process, you can browse through this BBQ Store.

Things to consider before buying the right gas grill model for your home

Here are some things you need to keep in mind before picking a gas grill.

Choose the configuration type

You can choose from two different types of gas grills:

Built-in gas grill

The built-in gas grills are placed inside a barbecue island, and it is usually considered a part of a large outdoor kitchen. Built-in gas grills are an ideal choice for your outdoor area, and they add an aesthetic value to your house and backyard.

Freestanding gas grill

Freestanding gas grills are popular among house owners who prefer to move their outdoor furniture. This type of grill is placed on a movable cart with an enclosed area for storing the entire tank and cooking accessories. A freestanding gas grill can be rearranged easily in your backyard as per your requirement. The best choice would be to select a grill with an extra side burner so that you can cook a side dish or prepare your favourite sauce while grilling your meat.

You need to determine the gas type that you will be using

Most gas grills run on either propane or natural gas, and they often cost the same since there are no major differences in their composition. However, before buying a gas grill, you must be completely confident about the decision. Avoid converting from one fuel type to another as this might damage the grill.

Natural gas grill

If your house has existing natural gas pipelines, buying a natural gas grill would be the best choice. Just like water and electricity, natural gas would be continuously pumped through the pipelines, and therefore it is a convenient choice. Additionally, you do not have to worry about running out of fuel as the supply is constant.

Propane gas grills

On the other hand, if you do not have a natural gas pipeline, you may consider buying a propane gas grill. 20-pound propane gas tanks can be purchased from a local grocery store or a hardware store. You may also contact your local propane distributor to refill your grill.

You can easily refill propane gas grills. Moreover, they are portable as they are not connected to the natural gas pipeline.

Choose your grill size correctly

The amount of food that can be cooked on your gas grill directly depends on the cooking surface. Large gas grills usually have six to eight burners.

Small gas grills

You usually get a cooking surface of about 26 inches and get two to three burners. This gas grill is a perfect choice for small families. However, you need to keep in mind that smaller gas grills offer lesser temperature zones, and therefore you cannot cook all types of food on them.

Medium gas grill

It usually comes with a cooking surface of about 27 to 33 inches and has two to four burners depending on the make. With these grills, you will find additional accessories like side burners and rotisserie burners.

Large gas grills

These grills fall between 34 and 42 inches and have about 3-6 burners. With this grill, you have complete freedom to experiment with various grilling techniques. You can use the different heat zones, cook multiple dishes, slow roast with indirect heat, etc. Large gas grills are an ideal choice for a large family outing.

Extra-large gas grill

They can easily feed a huge crowd, thanks to their huge burning area of about 43 inches. These grills have about eight burners, and you can try various cooking techniques.

Choose your grill as per your budget

Based on your budget, you get to choose from four classes of gas grills-luxury, premium, entry-level and practical.

Luxury gas grills

  • Best quality parts and materials are used
  • You get a lifetime warranty
  • Aesthetically designed to go with the outdoor environment
  • Exclusive features that make cooking fun and exciting
  • Various temperature ranges

Premium gas grills

  • Premium grade product made from 304 commercial grade stainless steel
  • Long-lasting product with a lifetime warranty
  • Multiple accessories
  • Consistent and easy to control heat

Practical gas grills

  • Cost friendly product with a small range of features
  • It can go up to 500° Fahrenheit
  • Made from stainless steel

Entry-level gas grill

  • Most affordable and accessible grill option
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Simple design with no complex functions or accessories
  • Made from porcelain coated steel

Consider the way you want to cook your food

The last point you must consider before buying a gas grill is the grilling technique you will be using.

  • If you love to cook in high heat and like the steakhouse-level sear marks, you may consider buying an infrared grill.
  • If you love low and slow-smoked chicken, you may look for a gas grill with an additional option for a charcoal tray accessory that allows you to use charcoal and the gas fuel in separate fireboxes.
  • If you want to entertain your audience, you may opt for a gas grill with backlight control knobs or internal lighting.


Make sure that you also consider the position where you are planning to place your gas grill. If it is a fancy grill with LED lights, it must be placed near an electrical outlet. Lastly, while buying a gas grill, do not worry much about BTU as it is just a part of the equation and does not determine the heat output of your grill.

Make sure you consider all the options in this article before buying a new grill.

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