How to Find Affordable Student Housing in CT


The UConn, Storrs campus hosts around 34000 students every year. In Storrs CT apartments for rent are the most significant expense besides the tuition fees for a student. Students have different criteria and expectations while looking for apartments. However, one common expectation among all students is affordability.

Read on to learn some practical tips to find Connecticut’s most affordable student housing options.

1. Explore Your Options As Early As Possible

Once you have finalized your place of study, do not wait for too long before you start your search for the ideal accommodation. Student housing closer to the institution and in a safe neighborhood is always in high demand. Grab vacancies before it is too late. You may also seek the help of your college or university while being proactive with your search.

2. Consider Different Sources

The internet is a great place to look for housing options, but it is not the only source. Ask around for recommendations. Check the bulletin boards in your college. People looking to sublease their apartments often place their ads on information boards within the campus. Subleased rental opportunities are affordable, and you may even end up staying with someone going to the same college or university.

3. On-Campus Versus Off-Campus

On-campus accommodations are safe and convenient but are expensive options. It is more affordable to choose student communities that are usually located within a few miles of the campus. These student communities provide quick access to standard amenities at a more affordable rate. While looking for off-campus options, choose accommodations that provide easy access to your campus.

4. Share Your Place

The cost of living in Storrs, CT, is around 3% lower than the Connecticut average. To keep your living expenses in control, you can also opt for shared accommodations. There are many sharing options with separate rooms and a shared bathroom available in the state.

While sharing a living space, look for individuals with similar interests and preferably from the same college or university. When sharing your apartment, keep your property owner informed about your decision. Going against the rules and breaking lease requirements can lead to contract termination and other severe consequences.

5. Explore Other Areas Too

If you do not mind living a short walk or bus ride away from the college, explore areas a little further away from your campus. When you opt for a new location, ensure the neighborhood is safe and that you have easy access to all essential amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, bus stops, and the subway.

Alternatively, you can also look for student living centers nearby that can make your living more comfortable and more manageable.

6. Get Assistance From Your Institution

Finding the best accommodation while you are a student is not easy. Talk to the housing department in your college to get their assistance. Colleges may provide referrals and other relevant information to help you in your house hunt.

In Storrs, CT, apartments for rent are always occupied quickly. Most often, students looking for apartments are in a rush. They fail to weigh the pros and cons of choosing accommodation and thus pay more. The key is to give yourself enough time to analyze different choices and make an informed decision.



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