How to Find a Professional Pool Remodeling Service


Be it for relaxing after long work hours or setting up an outdoor weekend party, the many advantages of a swimming pool are always tempting!

After all, who doesn’t like rejuvenating their deeper senses on a hot summer day?

Hence, it comes as no surprise that maintaining a pool requires a lot of time and effort. And just because you already have one installed doesn’t mean that the remodeling process will become easier.

That’s why, most homeowners prefer opting for a professional pool remodeling service to get the job done. But how do you find the best one?

If you have ever asked yourself this question, then you have come to the right place. In the following few sections, we walk you through the key points that’ll help you find an effective pool remodeling service that also fits your budget.

So, let’s get started!

Why Remodel A Pool?

It’s worth mentioning that remodeling may not necessarily mean only changing the look or design, though undoubtedly, it’s one of the primary reasons for doing it. So, before we get into the thick of things, let us list down some of the main reasons behind requiring a pool remodeling in the first place.

1. Leak

While rare water level drop-offs can be fixed easily (through DIY ways or professionals), a considerable drop in the water level may indicate a more severe problem. If you’ve noticed the water going down regularly, it’s probably time for remodeling.

2. Upgrade

As a pool gets older, it becomes necessary to change the mechanical equipment, like pump, filter, and plumbing, to keep it functioning optimally.

On the other hand, you may also want to change or add certain features that were missing before. If you feel that the pool is unable to accommodate the number of people you want, it’s good to get in touch with a pool remodeling service. Based on your budget and requirements, they will provide a range of designs and features to choose from.

3. Make It Trendy

There’s no denying the fact that a swimming pool certainly adds to the appeal of your property. Thus, many homeowners go for a more trendy or unusual design to style up their residence.

4. Worn Out Materials

Much like equipment, the tiles, decking, and lightings are bound to wear out after prolonged use. And if adequate maintenance doesn’t make them look new again, it may be time for renovating the setup altogether. This also saves you from the trouble and cost of frequent repairs.

How To Find A Professional Pool remodeling Service

It’s now time to answer the burning question – how to find a pool remodeling service such as Pool Contractors in Miami? Agreed that there’s no shortage of such services on the market, which offer lucrative deals. Alternatively, you may find that certain companies are charging way more for rather simple requirements.

So that your investment serves the right purpose, we’ve listed some key factors that you should look out for before finalizing a professional pool remodeling service.

1. Customer Testimonials

Just like you often read customer reviews before buying a product, it’s a good practice to get hold of customer testimonials before opting for a particular service. You’ll have a good idea about the company’s punctuality, efficiency, and professionalism.

In doing so, pay special attention to the reviews of customers who’ve kept coming back to them for their big and small needs. This way, you know that the company is quite trustworthy.

2. Experience

A pool remodeling service that has been in the market for quite some time is highly likely to have specialized workers with specific skills. By opting for such a service, you can be assured of dedicated care for various aspects like tiles, lighting, machinery, and more.

In the case of new entrants, we’d advise you to thoroughly research the profile of the company’s owner. This will give you a fair understanding of the company’s abilities and the kind of service they can provide.

3. Price

No matter how old or how new, a company won’t be in your consideration if their pricing doesn’t make sense. Hence, we’d suggest getting detailed estimates from multiple companies to keep your options open. This will also help you from being exploited, as you’ll have a better idea of how much these services generally cost.

Although the prospect of saving money is always enduring, cheap prices may do you more bad than good. If a company is offering unrealistically low prices as part of an offer or scheme, it’s most likely that they plan to use cheap materials for remodeling.

Thus, it’s better to avoid such companies from the very beginning. A cost-effective service will ensure that every dollar you spend is worth it!

4. License

It’s not unusual for companies to run on expired licenses. Accordingly, it’s advisable to verify the license number of the pool remodeling service company you wish to opt for.

All you have to do is match the license number with the issuing agency and look out for its expiration date. This will ensure that the service isn’t fraudulent, and your investment is all parts legitimate.

5. Customer-Friendly

As a customer, you have every right to get all your queries answered by the company or its representatives. So, make sure that your questions or doubts are solved by the contractor or other employees during any stage of the process.

Final Words

With this, we hope our assistance helps you find the best professional pool remodeling service that fulfills your requirement within a reasonable time and budget.

But before we take your leave, here’s a pro tip: because spring and summer keep your pool busy, it’s best to get over with the entire remodeling process by the end of winter or autumn.

On that note, we’ve come to the end of today’s guide. We’d love to hear from you in the comments section down below.

So long!

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